Friday, February 29, 2008

2nd base battle

Dont ask me why but i think the battle at second base is not as over as everybody would like it to be between Brenden Harris and Nick Punto. Dont get me wrong Nick Punto is a superb defensive player probably our best defensive infielder but lets just look at the seasons the two had last year.

Nick Punto: avg :210 hr 2 rbi 25 obp.291 slug .271 and ops .562 also ab 472

Brenden harris: avg.286 hr12 rbi 59 obp .343 slug .434 and ops .777 also ab 521

Really there is no comparision between the two Punto is better defensively but come look at the difference in the OPS its 200 points. The only reason i think there is a competition is because of gardy. Gardy loves punto last year no matter how bad he hit he stayed in the lineup every day i really hope that doesnt happen this year because brenden harris is 2 times the player nick punto is. Dont take it the wrong way Nick is a valuable part of the team cause he can play so many differnt positions but he should not be starting so i beg you gardy do the right thing and start harris at 2b.

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