Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Glen Perkins what to do with him

There can be a very interesting discussion to be made on what to do with Glen Perkins i really believe there are 2 choices assuming he doesnt win the 5th starter job.
1. keep him a starter and send him to Rochester
2. keep him on the roster and put him in the bullpen
My view for the best of the Twins is put him in the bullpen because thats where he would help the team the most right now. Dennys Reyes had a bad year last year and when Glen was healthy he is very effective. I know he missed 3 and a half months last year with a shoulder strain but i think it was a freak thing. The bottom line is he is major league ready and putting him in the minors wont really help him hes 25 and his future is as a starter but i think the present to help the team the most is put him in the bullpen. By doing that your helping out the twins organization the most and really when making decisions like that shouldnt you be thinking how can i help the Twins win as many games as possible and right now that is by having him in the bullpen. I appreciate anyones feedback on this.

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