Wednesday, February 27, 2008

projected 2010 twins lineup

I know its early to project that far ahead cause you dont know how people are going to respond in the minors and people you may add or lose from your team but i thought it would be fun to think ahead and i welcome anyones thought on this.
1.carlos gomez cf
2.joe mauer C
3.Delmon Young LF
4.Justin Mourneau 1b
5.Micheal Cuddyer RF
6.Jason Kubel DH
7. Trevor Plouffe SS
8. Matt Macri 3b
9. Alexi Casilla 2b

Jose Morales C
Joe Benson of
daniel valencia inf
brian buscher inf

1. Francisco Liriano
2. Deolis Guerra
3. Tyler Robertson
4. Kevin Mulvey
5. Scott Baker
CL Joe Nathan
Jesse crain
Pat neshek
glen perkins
nick blackburn
brian duesing
oswaldo sosa
let me know what you think


SethSpeaks said...

I like it. I just can't see Benson and Valencia up to play the bench. I'd maybe switch Valencia and Macri, although then it woudln't make a lot of sense still to have Buscher. I like it though.

neckrolls said...

Just about the same lineup I'd guess (I had Buscher starting). With all the good starters in system now, I'd be surprised if both Guerra and Robertson were in the rotation by 2010. 2011 seems a bit more probable. I think Slowey will just be hitting his stride in 2010.

Very comforting to still see Nathan as the closer!