Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday, Febuary 23rd

Now this is the day every twins fan waits for all winter. today is the first full squad workout for the twins and soon some important questions will be answered.
1.Can Joe Mauer stay healthy a whole year?
2.Will Justin Mourneau's new contract bring him down?
3. Who is Brenden Harris
4. Can Mike Lamb pick up the hitting slack
5. Can Adam Everett replace Jason Bartlett
6. Can a change of scenery be the difference for delmon young and carlos gomez
7. Can Franscisco Liriano be the Ace we need
8. Can the starting 5 hold up and many more
all those questions wont be answered today but this is the day all twins fans have been waiting all winter long for the sound of the wood bat hitting the baseball theres not a better sound in the world.

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