Saturday, March 22, 2008

Liriano still hurt?

i read an interesting article on about how the Twins are worried about Francisco Liriano and if he is lying about how he is. To paraphrase Gardy is wondering if Liriano is still hurting and lying to him about it. He used an example this fall where he said he was going to stay in fall instructional league and the next day he took off. The Twins are wondering if the reason he has struggled so much this spring is because it is still hurting in the elbow. Gardy says he doesnt know that but it worries him because he has lied to him before IE: 2006 when he said he was fine all year and then later saying he was hurting all year.
Im not going to lie im concerned about him because the Twins need Liriano in the future to be all they can be. We have alot of big pitching prospects but none in the league of Liriano. This year i dont care about wins and losses with him i just want to be extra careful to make sure his elbow is sound and not hurting. Even if he sat half the year to get him confidence in his elbow and his pitches is more important than what he will do this year. For the Twins to become the team in '09 and beyond we need Liriano to be that ace we all know he can be. Maybe im just jumping to conclusions but i think its better to be cautious with him then callous and lose him for a long time.

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