Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday, March 6th

One of the biggest battles in spring training is the 5th starter job and by the way Kevin Slowey has looked so far he has opened the job open to a few guys. Dont get me wrong there is a long time before the opener but if he doesnt pick it up soon he will be on the outside looking in and based on that here are the contenders and how they are doing so far.

Philip Humber- 2 games 2in 1 hit 0 runs he didnt look good in the scrimmage against concordia but he has looked solid since and has put him back in the race for the 5th spot.
Nick Blackburn- 2 games 2 and a third innings 1 hit 0 runs he is the one who has really impressed me so far. Last year in a late callup he didnt look so good but i believe he is winning a job with a twins this spring if he keeps it up.
Glen Perkins- 2 games 3 innings pitched 6 hits 4 runs he has not looked good at all this spring if its possible he has looked worse than slowey and is costing himself a spot with the twins so he needs to step it up.
I think it is down to those 3 for the final spot saying that Liriano can start the season in the rotation. Like i said though its only march 6th there is a lot of baseball to be played and many more opprotunitys for these guys to impress the twins and find a way to make the team.
Today the Twins host Baltimore Orioles and should get a look at new oriole Adam Jones Livian Hernandez gets the start and looks like the return of Craig Monroe will happen today so it should be an interesting game at noon today.

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