Sunday, April 13, 2008

Right Field

I will be continuing my series on the Twins position by position look into the Twins organization. Today i will be moving onto the Right Field position hope everyone enjoys it and let the comments continue. Im excited about this position because we have some exciting players at this position

  • Michael Cuddyer: Michael has finally found a home in right field for the Twins. This past offseason he signed a 3 year contract extension with a option. Michael has developed into a very strong offensive player and defensively he is outstanding making 15 outfield assists last season. Mike is a career .270 hitter who has become very consistant the last 3 or 4 years. You get what you see with Cuddyer and he is a very good major leaguer and a cornerstone player when the Twins move into their new stadium in a couple years. I would like to see him be a little more aggressive at the plate he looks at a lot of good pitches. He is a very good leader and will lead the Twins for the next 4 or 5 years.


  • Garrett Jones- Garrett is a very interesting player who does a lot of things very well. Garrett signed as a free agent from the Braves in 2002. He is a good hitter with power he just has not been consistent enough to be a major leaguer. The Twins have gave him every chance to be successful so they had to take him off the 40 man roster. He puts the Twins in a tough spot becuase he excells at AAA but when you bring him up to the Majors and struggles. I just look at him is a career minor leaguer who i dont see alot of upside for him.

New Britain

  • David Winfree- David is a guy who has a lot of talent who could be really good, but really hasn't lived up to his expectations. David was a 13th round pick in the 2003 draft. Many people have expected a lot of him and he really hasn't lived up to expectations. David is a career .267 who has some power, but his defense sent him to the outfield, but i dont much future for him i see him as a career minor leaguer.

Fort Myers-

  • Rene Tosoni- I am very high on Rene Tosoni as an outfielder. He is a very good hitter who has a good arm. Rene was drafted in the 36th round in the 2005 draft. He has outperfomed his draft pick. He hit .301 last season for Elizabethton and i think he will continue to get better every year. Its pretty early to tell but i think if he continues to develop who knows in a couple years. I am really big on him so he is one player to keep your eye on.


  • Chris Parmalee- I think Chris has tremendous upside who is the class of the minor league right fielders. He has tremendous Power who i have heard compared to Adam Dunn power wise. The thing he needs to do is cut down on his strikeouts to make it. He struck out 137 times last year and thats way to many. Chris was a 1st round pick in the 2006 draft. I really like him and i think he will be the right fielder for the Twins in 4 years and will be a 30hr guy if given the proper time and the chance to develop so keep an eye on him.

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