Monday, April 7, 2008

Twins 2 games Royals 1 game

The Twins just finished a series with the first place Royals and there was some good things that happened from it and a few concerns.

  • Matt Tolbert has really impressed hitting .444 for the young season and has proven that he can play at the major league level.

  • The starting pitching continues to impress with 3 good starts again

  • Joe Nathan is worth every penny the Twins paid him getting 2 more saves this weekend.

  • The Biggest thing was the revitalization of Justin Mourneau who hit 2 HR's and 7 RBI's in the 3 games and made a defensive play that was a web gem.

  • Carlos Gomez once again showed what happens when he gets on base.

The Negatives

  • Mike Lamb continues to struggle on the year hitting only .100 on 2-20 hitting. I believe he will come out of it he's too good of a hitter but for this lineup to succeed we need Mike to be a force.
  • Craig Monroe continues to struggle and if this keeps up makes you wonder if last year was a trend and not a anomaly like we were hoping it would be.

All in all it was a good series and the important thing is winning series. So far they are 1-1 in series this year and they need to win every series. Now they head on first road trip to Chicago, Kansas City and Detroit and it will be a good test for this ballteam to see where they really are as a team so far.

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