Saturday, May 17, 2008

Howie Clark debate

You know what i think of Howie Clark being recalled, but i want to know what you all think. Do you think its ok for the Twins to have someone in the Mitchell report who has admitted to taking steroids. Before i get a comment about Juan Rincon it was different that was a banned supplement that was not steroids so give me your opinion on this issue.


SethSpeaks said...

Clark just happened to get caught. I'm of the opinion that a majority of players did cheat. He just happened to be in the 80+ names that got mentioned.

Travis Aune said...

i think teams should hold players to a certain standard and i dont think he fits the standard that i want a Twins player to be. I dont care if he sucks or not atleast play it fair. I lose all respect for people that cheat becuase thats taken food off someone elses table and it is wrong and there is no place in baseball for people like that.

SethSpeaks said...

Do you have a full list of everyone who has ever cheated in a Major League game, or to help them get to or stay in the Major Leagues?