Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Future

I thought it would make for some good discussion so I am going to fast forward the Date for a month until July 1st and who i predict will be on what teams. I look forward to your opinions on this.

C- Joe Mauer
1st- Justin Mourneau
2nd- Alexi Casilla
SS- Nick Punto
3b- Mike Lamb
LF- Delmon Young
Cf- Carlos Gomez
Rf- Michael Cuddyer
Dh- Jason Kubel

C- Mike Redmond
of- Craig Monroe
inf- Matt Macri
inf- Brenden Harris

1. Glen Perkins
2. Nick Blackburn
3. Scott Baker
4. Kevin Slowey
5. Francisco Liriano

Boof Bonser
Craig Breslow
Brian Bass
Dennys Reyes
Jesse Crain
Matt Guerrier
Joe Nathan

Juan Rincon- Released, Livan Hernandez- Traded

Rochester Red Wings
C- Jose Morales
1st- Brock Peterson
2nd- Steve Tolleson
SS- Sergio Santos
3b- Luke Hughes
LF- Darnell Mcdonald
CF- Denard Span
RF- Jason Pridie
DH- Brian Buscher

inf Howie Clark
C- Ryan Jorgenson
Released- Randy Ruiz, Garrett Jones, Tommy Watkins, Chris Basak

1. Brian Duensing
2. Kevin Mulvey
3. Philip Humber
4. Ryan Mullins
5. Danny Graves

Bobby Korecky
Tim Lahey
Mariano Gomez
Casey Daigle
Heath Totten
Ricky Barrett
Carmen Cali
Zach Ward
Released- Julio Depaula

New Britain
C- Drew Butera
1st-Erik Lis
2nd- Brian Dinkelman
SS- Trevor Plouffe
3b- Danny Valencia
LF- Matt Moses
CF- Brandon Roberts
RF- David Winfree
DH- Dustin Martin

Promoted- Brock Peterson, Steve Tolleson, Luke Hughes
inf Felix Molina
C- Jeff Christy
inf Toby Gardenhire

1. Jay Rainville
2. Oswaldo Sosa
3. Yohan Pino
4. Jeff Manship
5. Anthony Swarzak

Robert Delaney
Kyle Aselton
Anthony Slama
Ben Julianel
Robert Gabino
Jay Sawtaski
Jason Miller

Thats half of my projections I will have the other half later let me know what you think


SethSpeaks said...

Very interesting topic, and there should be a lot of moves in the next 3-4 weeks. I guess we won't know what will happen until it happens, but here are a few thoughts...

Rincon should be released. I just don't know if the Twins have it in them to do it. Livan won't be traded by July 1st, but I'm sure he will be by July 31st.

I don't think Liriano will be up by July 1st, but should be by July 31st.

I do think Hughes will be up in Rochester. I agree that the Red Wings will release some. Don't think CLark will get back there. Basak won't be around. Molina will be let go, my guess, before they would send him back to AA. I can't see them releasing Watkins during the season.

Peterson hasn't done enough to this point to take over for Ruiz, as much as I would like to see it. Oswaldo Sosa may be in the bullpen in a month. I can see two of (Miller, Sawatski, Aselton) released. It's Armando Gabino. I think he and Ward will stay in New Britain all year.

Julio DePaula won't be released. Too much talent.

Just my thoughts... Look forward to the rest of this stuff.

Dianna said...

Gardenhire was supposedly "loaned up" and will be back once Roberts gets off the DL - or so they keep telling us. Which is good, we could use someone to spell Yancarlos at short.

The won't release Watkins mid-season. It will be out of spring training and he'll be offered a coaching position with the GCL Twins like Jake was. There's been some speculation that they might move Watkins down to AA again - he's a relatively inexpensive player - and hold on to him to call up in case of injuries later on.

Anonymous said...

i love the though of moving up tolleson and valencia. i think they are going to be solid major leaguers.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure Livan will be gone by the end of July. The AL Central continues to be so watered down that the Twins are contending, and like Livan or not, he is a reason why. Now, if they fall out of contention, I'd have to agree.

And Rincon will not be gone either. I don't think the Twins have it in them to do so as well.

Molina is a candidate to be released, period. Been at AA for 4 years, and not making any progress. Ruiz is staying, Peterson staying put at AA. Garrett Jones will stay at AAA, too.

If any pitcher goes, it'll be Totten or Daigle, not DePaula, thanks to youth on his side vs the other 2.

Hughes to AAA, please. If they'd not signed Santos, I'd have predicted Plouffe there, too.

Valencia to AA should have been done long ago.

This could easily be a year where little movement takes place, until the seasons are all done, and it's time to cut bait with guys not progressing.


Travis Aune said...

thanks for your thoughts appreciate it funkytown

MEISTER said...

I love the projections and compliment you for going out on a limb with some difficult decisions. Your promotions were not too conservative, yet quite realistic. Here are my diverging points for the ML roster (assuming Everett and Tolbert are still disabled):

Hernandez won't be traded until late July and that will correspond with Liriano's promotion.

Fool hearty as I am, Rincon will actually fetch us an organizational type 24 year old single-A player, while enabling us to dump his salary... no need for a release, which is great because the Twins wouldn't eat that much $$$.

For AAA: DePaula stays, while Cali will get the axe, as Breslow gives Twins/AAA combined 5 LH relievers. (AND either Daigle and/or Totten). Humber may get moved to the bullpen because the Twins need to see where he might fit for 2009 (he's out of options then) and it ain't in the starting rotation.

Just a note: I see Luke Hughes playing all over the place in AAA, especially 3B, in preparation for an Aug. 31st call-up.

I say Jones sticks around while Peterson stays in AA... Ruiz is not in the Twins' plans at all, where as Jones could be seen as defensive insurance for Morneau... just a thought, an unpopular thought.