Sunday, March 29, 2009

NEW!!!!!!!!!!!! Projected New Britain Roster

I will be continuing my look at the Twins farm clubs just over a week from the teams starting to play games.

C- Wilson Ramos
1b- Whit Robbins
2b- Brian Dinkelman
ss- Steve Tolleson
3b- Danny Valencia
LF- Juan Portes
CF- Brandon Roberts
RF- Matt Moses
DH- Erik Lis

Rodolpho Palacious
Toby Gardenhire
Danny Berg
Edward Ovalle

1. Jeff Manship
2. Jay Rainville
3. Yohan Pino
4. Cole Devries
5. Kyle Aselton

Closer- Anthony Slama
Blair Erikson
Matt Fox
Ryan Mullins
Oswaldo Sosa
Zach Ward
Spencer Steedley

1. Brandon Roberts CF
2. Steve Tolleson SS
3. Danny Valencia 3b
4. Erik Lis DH
5. Wilson Ramos C
6. Matt Moses RF
7. Juan Portes LF
8. Whit Robbins 1b
9. Brian Dinkelman 2b

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