Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rochester Red Wings

The 2009 Rochester Red Wings roster has been revealed and I guess the thing that surprises me is no Rob Delaney. I thought he would make it but I guess they are being cautious with him. I don't think it will be very long till you see him up with the Red Wings.
C- Drew Butera
1st- Brock Peterson
2nd- Matt Tolbert
SS- Trevor Plouffe
3b- Luke Hughes
Lf- Dustin Martin
Cf- Jason Pridie
Rf- David Winfree
Dh- Justin Huber

Jeff Christy
Alejandro Machado
Matt Macri
Tommy Watkins

Pitching- Here is my projected starting 5 for the first week or so until Scott Baker comes off the DL.
1. Kevin Mulvey
2. Anthony Swarzak
3. Jason Jones
4. Mike Gosling
5. Bobby Keppel
6* Ben Hendrickson will be in the rotation when he comes back from the DL. The starting 5 when he comes back and Baker goes back to the Twins will be Mulvey, Swarzak, Jones, Hendrickson, and Duensing or Dickey.

Closer: Jose Mijares
Armando Gabino
Ben Julianel
Tim Lahey
Carmen Pignatiello
Sean Henn
Reid Santos

What does everyone think about the Rochester roster

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