Thursday, June 18, 2009

Travis Talks prospect list: Prospect #10

I have decided to do something a little bit different for the top 10. I will be bringing you 1 prospect a day until we have number 1. I will be bringing number 10 tonight. I hope everyone will leave a comment on these players and give them the recognition they deserve. Hope everyone enjoys.

10. Luke Hughes 3b 24 (8/2/1984)

  • Luke Hughes signed as a free agent with the Twins in 2002 out of Australia. Luke started his Twins career in 2003 with GCL where he hit .305 with 2hr and 25 rbi's along with 9 doubles and 4 triples in 54 games. Luke then moved on to E-town for the 2004 season where he hit .284 with 3hr and 19rbi's along with 8 doubles and a triple in 44 games. In 2005 Luke moved up to Beloit where in 72 games he hit .257 with 7 hr and 42 rbi's along with 14 doubles and 2 triples for a ops of .709 before being promoted to Fort Myers where in 23 games he hit .202 with 7 rbi's. In 2006 Luke spent the entire year in Fort Myers where he hit .231 with 4hr and 37 rbi's along with 15 doubles and a ops of .599 in 95 games. For the 2007 season Luke moved up to AA New Britain where in 92 games he hit .283 with 9 homeruns and 43 rbi's along with 18 doubles and 2 triples for a ops of .794. The 2007 season was where Luke took the next step to being a big time prospect as he showed some consistancy at the plate. In 2008 split the year between New Britain and AAA Rochester. In 70 games at New Britain he hit .319 with 15hr and 43 rbi's along with 15 doubles and 3 triples for an ops of .936. That led to a promotion to AAA Rochester where in 29 games Luke hit .283 with 3 hr and 21 rbi's along with 7 doubles and a triple for a ops of .778. This year Luke was back at Rochester and was doing pretty good until he strained an oblique that has cost him about 3 weeks. Luke was hitting .259 with 6hr and 28rbi's along with 8 doubles and 2 triples for an ops of .825. Luke Hughes went from a guy that was a candidate to be released to being possibly the future 3rd baseman for the Twins. He brings speed, versitility, power, and overall a very good offensive player. There are 2 things keeping him back and they are he is not a very good defensive player. That is the reason he will probably not be a full time starter at the next level. He is good enough offensively to be a starter, but his glove will hold him back. The other is he is very injury prone as his last 2 seasons have been interrupted due to injuries. I view him as a perfect utility player in that he can play 3rd, 2nd, all outfield positions. With his offense and the versitility he will always find a job in the big leagues and could debut as early as next spring.

  • 2009: play 3rd/2b/of for the Rochester Red Wings

  • Projection: I project him as a utility player for the Twins going into next season.

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