Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday, July, 13th

Twins Talk
Twins 6 White Sox 4 Friday Night WP: Blackburn LP: Dotel Save: Nathan(23)

Blackburn 7inn 4 er 9 hits 1bb 3k 3.06 era Mauer 1-3 1rbi(48) BA: .388

White Sox 8 Twins 7 Saturday Night WP: Floyd LP: Perkins Save Jenks

Perkins 4.1 inn 5 er 8 hits 2bb 1k 4.71 era Mauer 0-4 .381 ba

Twins 13 White Sox 7 WP: Baker LP: Buerhle

Baker: 6.1 inn 5er 6 hits 1bb 4k 5.42 era Mauer 0-4 .373 ba

Transaction: The Twins recalled Alexi Casilla from AAA Rochester and sent IF Matt Tolbert down to Rochester.

Rochester Wrap

Syracuse 2 Rochester 0 Thursday WP: Mock LP: Mulvey Save: Kensing

Mulvey: 8 inn CG 1ER 7 hits 1 bb 4 k 3.93 era Casilla 2-4 .340 batting average

Rochester 6 Syracuse 3 Friday WP: Humber LP: Martin Save: Delaney(3)

Humber: 5 inn 1 earned run 7 hits 4bb 2k 5.86 era Pridie 2-4 17th double 29th rbi

Lehigh Valley 7 Rochester 5 Saturday WP: Woods LP: Jones Save: Registar

Jones: 5 inn 5 ER 11 hits 3k 6.39 era Huber: 2-5 12th hr 3rbi(48) .285 ba

Rochester 5 Lehigh Valley 3 Sunday WP: Delaney LP: Bowers

Santos: 5 inn 1 earned run 6 hits 1bb 3k 4.91 era Valencia 3-4 7th double .360 ba

New Britain Wrap

Connecticut 6 New Britain 0 Thursday WP: English LP: Fox

Fox: 5 inn 2 runs 5 hits 3bb 4k 3.58 era Ortiz: 1-3 batting average .227

New Britain 10 Binghamton 7 Friday WP: Burnett LP: Alfonzo Save: Slama(19)

Mullins: 3.2 inn 5 runs 8 hits 1bb 5k 4.91 era Lis: 4-4 7th hr .309 batting average

New Britain 5 Binghamton 0 Saturday WP: Pino LP: Brown Save: Lugo(3)

Pino: 6 inn 0 runs 6 hits 8k's 3.16 era Lis 3-4 2 hr(9) 4 rbi's(43) .315 ba

Binghamton 11 New Britain 8 Sunday WP: Robertson LP: Gutierrez

Mata: 4.1 inn 4 runs 2bb 4k 4.05 era Roberts 2-4 3 runs scored 2bb .296 ba

Binghamton 14 New Britain 1 Monday WP: Holt LP: Devries

Devries: 1.1 inn 10 runs 7 hits 3bb 1k 3.53 era Lis 3-4 HR(10) .320 batting average

Erik Lis was 11-16 a .688 average with 4 homerun and 8 rbi's in 4 game series vs Binghamton.

Fort Myers Minutes

Sarasota 1 Fort Myers 0 Thursday WP: Gonzalez LP: Hirschfeld Save: Thurman

Hirschfeld: 7 inn 1 run 2 hits 2bb 4k 2.51 era Revere 1-4 .305 batting average

Fort Myers 6 Sarasota 3 Friday WP: Tarsi LP: Webb Save: Van Mil(1)

Tarsi: 6 inn 1 run 7 hits 2bb 7k 1.50 era N. Romero: 2-4 7th double 3 rbi's(19)

Palm Beach 10 Fort Myers 9 Saturday WP: Buursma LP: S. Arias Save: Mulligan

Bromberg: 4.2 inn 3 runs 5 hits 3bb 5k 2.87 era Revere: 2-5 2 rbi's(33) 2sb(33)

Palm Beach 13 Fort Myers 2 Sunday WP: Castillo LP: Robertson

Robertson: 5 inn 6 runs 10 hits 2k 3.86 era Revere: 0-4 .303 batting average

Beloit Beat

South Bend 6 Beloit 5 Thursday WP: Vasquez LP: Hendricks Save: Woodall

Hendricks: 5.2 inn 1 earned run 1bb 5k 1.59era Hicks: 1-4 1bb(14) .222 BA

Beloit 5 South Bend 1 Friday WP: Tippett LP: Moorhouse

Tippett: 7 inn 0 runs 5 hits 2bb 5k 2.63 era Hicks: 2-4 double(4) 1 run .241 BA

Beloit 9 West Michigan 8 Saturday WP: Allen LP: Cassavechia Save: Williams

Berlind: 4.1 inn 4 runs 9 hits 1bb 3k 4.56 era Hicks: 0-3 2bb(16) .230 BA

West Michigan 11 Beloit 3 Sunday WP: Sorenson LP: Osterbrock

Osterbrock: 2.2 inn 10 runs 9 hits 2bb 5.80 era Ladendorf 1-4 2rbi(2) .125 BA

E-town Tidbits

E-town 6 Kingsport 5 Thursday WP: Tone LP: Rojas Save: Carr(2)

Stillings: 5 inn 5 runs 5 hits 3bb 3k 5.73 era Hermann 2-6 .381 batting average

Kingsport 10 E-town 9 Friday WP: White LP: Ibarra Save: Babin

Ibarra: 4.1 inn 7 runs 3 hits 3bb 2k 8.10 era Streich: 3-3 double(4) rbi(11) .326 BA

E-town 10 Johnson City Saturday WP: Munoz LP: Ferrara

Munoz: 6.1 inn 1 run 6 hits 1 bb 9k 3.05 era Hermann 2-4 2 doubles(9) .394 BA

E-town 9 Johnson City 4 Sunday WP: Holbrooks LP: Durham

Garcia: 4.2 inn 3 runs 4 hits 6bb 5k 3.78era Hermann 2-4 hr(3) 2 rbi's(10) .400 ba

Transactions: Here is a quick update on the transactions since last time i updated.

Twins: recalled IF Alexi Casilla and sent down IF Matt Tolbert

Rochester: Matt Tolbert was sent to Rochester to replace Alexi Casilla

New Britain: none

Fort Myers: Catcher Alex Soto was promoted and OF Joe Benson was activated from disabled list.

Beloit: IF Tyler Ladendorf and Catcher Danny Rams were promoted to Beloit; Catcher Alex Soto promoted to Fort Myers and Catcher Buddy Munroe demoted to Elizabethton.

E-town: Tyler Ladendorf and Danny Rams promoted to Beloit; had Buddy Munroe returned to them and saw debut of IF Brian Dozier and First Round Pick Matt Bashore was put on the roster.


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