Monday, July 6, 2009

Q&A with Matt Fox

I had the priviledge to do a Q&A with New Britain Rockcats starting pitcher Matt Fox. After talking with him I have a lot of respect what he has overcome to be a good pitching prospect for the Twins. There are not many guys that would keep going and fighting through what he has gone through. I really think you are going to enjoy this Q&A and i really want to get some comments on Matt and what you thought of the interview. So leave comments in the box or email me at

Travis Talks: As a kid did you have any favorite teams?

Matt Fox: I liked 2 teams, the Reds when I was real young, and then the Marlins when they came along.

Travis Talks: In High School did you just play baseball or did you play other sports too?

Matt Fox: I just played Baseball, but was really into golf, actually tried out for the golf team, but I'm pretty sure the golf coach knew I wasn't too serious about joining the team and that i just wanted to play free golf for the week of the tryouts.

Travis Talks: Tell me about your high school career?

Matt Fox: To start off i only played shortstop, didn't pitch and made Varsity as a Freshman. Basically was the starting shortstop only until half way threw my junior year when i jumped on mound for fun and realized how hard I was throwing and that I might have a future on the mound. Went to some showcases summer before my Senior year and was thought from there on that I would have more potential as a pitcher then hitter and the next levels, but still did both.

Travis Talks: In the 2001 draft you were selected in the 6th round by Arizona, but didn't sign did you consider signing and why didnt you sign?

Matt Fox: I was expecting from what scouts were telling me that I would go anywhere in the top 4 or 5 rounds. My family and I had a figure we were comforttable with and we just didn't get to that figure. I also played shortstop and at the time didnt feel like my time playing there was done, as I wanted to go to college and no only pitch, but also hit.

Travis Talks: After high school you went to Central Florida university what led you there?

Matt Fox: I went to UCF for a couple reasons. One was that my brother played there the 4 years before i went , and i had a relationship with the coaching staff that was really strong. another reason was, they were one of the few schools who wanted me to pitch and hit. While alot of other schools either wanted me to pitch only or hit only, not do both.

Travis Talks: Were you heavily recruited out of high school?

Matt Fox: I think i was recruited heavily all the florida schools and a lot of the ACC/SEC Schools were interested. Miami, LSU, Clemson wanted me as a pitcher only, while Tennessee, FAU, and others wanted me only as a hitter.

Travis Talks: You were selected in the 1st round in 2004 by the Twins had they been talking to you or were you surprised they drafted you?

Matt Fox: After going threw the whole draft process in HS, i knew how unpredictable the draft can be, so i didnt look too much into who was talking to me the most or who wasn't. I think I talked to the twins just as much as others, and wasnt overally surprised they took me.

Travis Talks: You started your career in E-town what was it like pitching that first year as a professional?

Matt Fox: My first year was a rough one, only had 3-4 starts before i started feeling shoulder pain, and then was shut down for the rest of the season, besides that i was excited to be there but wanted to be healthy more then anything.

Travis Talks: In 2005 you had shoulder surgery what was the injury and rehab consist of?

Matt Fox: I had a labrum repair and some small work done on my rotator cuff. I had surgery with DR. Andrews and headed to FOrt myers and rehabed there for a year to year and half

Travis Talks: How long did it take to gain confidence back in your arm?

Matt Fox: It's been a long process. At first my confidence wasnt' there and that held me back, then my arm felt good but I couldnt get my velocity above 84 or so. the last 2 years or so have been good, feeling strong and no pain at all. Just waiting and hoping i can get some more velocity.

Travis Talks: Have you had any problems with your arm since the surgery?

Matt Fox: Knock on wood but have had no problems, feeling great!

Travis Talks: Was there ever a time you wanted to call it quits and do something else?
Matt Fox: Coming back from surgey was a tough journey, but at no time did i ever think about doing anything else. Playing a game you love is the best job in the world, and I kept telling myself to just stick with it and one day hopefulyl my time will come.

Travis Talks: What pitches do you throw?

Matt Fox: Currently I throw a 4 seam fastball, Cutter, Curveball and Change-up, usually in that order.

Travis Talks: What would you call your strikeout pitch when you really need a strikeout?

Matt Fox: I'd say for a righty it'd be my cutter, for a lefty, it'd have to be my curveball.

Travis Talks: For someone who doesn't know what is gameday like when your pitching?

Matt Fox: For me personally, it starts when i get up, i just run over there hitters in my mind, try to visualize myself throwing and gettting good results, then it's just kind of sit aroudn and wait until it't stretch time and thats when you really have to focus in. During the game you just get into that tunnel vision where its you and the batter and thats it. Just try and compete and keep your team in the game.

Travis Talks: What was it like when you got your first professional paycheck?

Matt Fox: It was a great feeling, just getting paid to play a game you love is a great feeling!

Travis Talks: What do you think it will be like to pitch at Target Field?

Matt Fox: I'm not too sure, all i know is it's outdoors and MN gets really cold! So it'll be cold and very exciting.

Travis Talks: You have progressed through the system does it ever get frustrating when you dont get promoted when you think your ready?

Matt Fox: Sure, at times it can, but what i have learned is not to read too much into what happens with the moves. You can't control who moves and who doesn't. All you can control is how you pitch and hopefully one day you get your chance.

Travis Talks: If a high school player asked you what does it take to make it in pro ball what would you tell him?

Matt Fox: You have to be ready for a grind. At times the season gets long, long bus trips, crappy hotels, eating fast food. you really have to have a passion for it, and have your heart into it at all times. Other then that, just hard work and a positive attitude!

I would like to thank Matt Fox for taking the time to do this I really appreciate it and best of luck for the rest of the year.


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Nice Q&A, Travis!

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thanks I appreciate it hope you liked it