Friday, July 3, 2009

Rochester Red Wings: June Awards

Today I will look at the Rochester Red Wings and their June awards with the Pitcher of the month and the Hitter of the month. The Red Wings have continued to hang around in the playoff race because of those 2 guys among others. Hope you enjoy and will leave a comment in the comment box or send me an email at

  • Pitcher of the Month: Anthony Swarzak- The Red Wings did not have very good pitching in the month of June so I chose a guy who did not spend the entire month of June in Rochester. In the month of June Anthony Swarzak made 3 starts for the Red Wings and went 1-0 with a very good 2.53 era. Swarzak went 21.1 innings, which is overy 7 innings a start which shows how big of a horse he is. He allowed only 6 runs in 21.1 innings of work along with only 5 walks and 11 strikeouts. Swarzak held opponents to a .205 average in the month of June. Anthony Swarzak really has been good all year for the Red Wings and led to a couple weeks with the Twins. Swarzak has pretty much done everything he can do at AAA and I think it is time for him to join the Twins on a permanent basis. However, it should not take away from the month Anthony had in Rochester to earn pitcher of the month award.
  • Others considered: Kevin Mulvey, Armando Gabino

  • Hitter of the Month: Brock Peterson- Going into the month of June Brock Peterson was buried as far down on the bench than you can imagine. However, Brock started hitting early in the month and kept it going all through the month and saw his playing time spike in June and he didn't disappoint. In June Brock played in 22 games and hit .352 with 2 homeruns and 11 rbi's along with 3 doubles in 71 at bats. He had a .410 obp along with a .479 slugging percentage for an ops of .889. Brock Peterson really showed what he is made of in June and I look for his playing time to keep increasing and increasing as the season goes forward. I have to admit I did not see this coming out of Brock and am pleasantly surprised by what he did in June.
  • Others Considered: Justin Huber, Steve Tolleson

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