Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sanchez traded to Giants/Trade Rumors/scenarios

Freddy Sanchez was traded to the San Francisco Giants for AA pitcher Tim Alderson a huge prospect in baseball. Before the season Alderson was ranked as the 26th best prospect in all of baseball and the 4th best prospect in the Giants organization. To me thats a huge price to pay for a singles hitter who is due 10 million the next year in a half. I know Twins fans are flipping out that the Twins did not find a way to make it happen, but the honest truth the Twins don't have a prospect in the entire organization that projects as high as Alderson not even Aaron Hicks. I am shocked that San Francisco would give up a prospect this highly regarded for Sanchez who is not going to put them over the top. Don't get me wrong Freddy Sanchez is a solid hitter who plays adequate defense, but to give up one of the top prospects in your organization for him is really outragous to me. I thought that he could be had for alot less, but when someone overpays for someone like the Giants did there is not alot you can do. I know there will be some that will rip on the Twins for not getting Sanchez even though it makes no sense since the Twins did not have the horses to get him for what Pittsburgh got from San Francisco.

The question is should the Twins make a trade and if so who should they go after. Alexi Casilla has had a good series versus the White Sox and with Mark Grudzilanek coming I really think the Twins are fine in the infield with Brendan Harris and Nick Punto doing adequately at shortstop. Offense is not the Twins problem this year and if either Grudzilanek or Casilla can do adequate the Twins are fine offensively. I would like the Twins to make a deal for a reliever and with Michael Wuertz apparently off the table there are still a few guys that could be had. John Grabow a left handed reliever from Pittsburgh would be fine. There is Joe Beimel, Dannys Baez, George Sherill and others. The question is what would we have to give up because I would not give up the world for a reliever as Jesse Crain seems better and Matt Guerrier is good. Other than that I would not make a big trade just a small one for a bullpen arm to help the team. Does anyone disagree with me if so let me know

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