Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stop the Negativity

I dont write pieces like this very often because its America and everyone has the freedom to boo who they want, cheer who they want, rip on who they want, and stick up for who they want. However, I think it is important for people to realize how good we have it in Minnesota with the Twins. Maybe this makes me a homer like many people have told me, but I just don't care because this is how I feel. I think Twins fans need to realize how people in Pittsburgh, Washington D.C., Kansas City, and Baltimore would love to have the problems that the Twins are having. Granted we have had a mediocre season this year, but you also need to realize in the last 8 years of Twins baseball we have been to the playoffs 4 of those years. Besides the big market teams in New York, Boston, LA and the small market team in Oakland how many other teams can say they have done that.

In addition to that right now the Twins have probably 2 of the top 10 players in the game in Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau. I went to a Twins game a week or so ago and I sat there thinking how lucky am I that I get to watch that caliber of a player in those guys. You also have great players like Jason Kubel, Michael Cuddyer, Joe Nathan and many more. Honestly, can you name 3 starting players on Washington's team I would have a hard time doing that myself. How about Pittsburgh with all the trades how would you like to be a fan of theirs and watch them get rid of players that really are not that good. All I am saying is I think some fans need to realize how good we have it here in Minnesota where we have a consistantly good team who is in the race into August and September every season.

Like Seth over at Seth Speaks said a lot of the things the Twins do I agree with such as building within and giving young players a chance to succeed. I seriously can not stand to go over to the Star Tribune blog because all it is this player sucks, that player sucks, Gardy should get fired, Anderson should get fired, Pohlaid should jump off a building. It really gets under my skin because how long do you think Gardy would be out of work before he is managing again hmmm maybe 5 minutes. Gardy does not get the credit he deserves to take a small market team to the playoffs 4 times in his first 7 years on the job. Is he perfect of course not he makes decisions that are easy to second guess, but until you have been in his shoes I don't think it is right to second guess. The one I really don't get is those that think that Rick Anderson should be fired. He has been good every season and now all of a sudden he is a bad pitching coach because the pitchers aren't performing. Where were these calls last year when he brought along a very young staff to within a game of making the playoffs.

I like the fact that the Twins are patient with their players because that is what makes them interesting to watch. Do I wish Carlos Gomez would be more disciplined at the plate of course I do, but he is the best defensive center fielder in the game and that should not be forgotten. Do I wish Nick Punto was not starting every game, of course I do, but he is a very good utility infielder. Basically, what I am saying is people need to quit bitching about the Twins and really realize how good we have it as Twins fans because there are a lot of fans that would love to be in our shoes and have the problems that the Twins have. I know I for one am thrilled to be a Twins fan and when I am dead and buried my children will be Twins fans and their children will be Twins fans and we will all have joy that the Twins bring for Decades to come.

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TT said...

Good statement. The STRIB comments have long been annoying and now their beat writers seem to have adopted the same ATTITUDE.