Thursday, January 7, 2010

Twins projected 2010 payroll

With the Twins headed into Target field in 2010 I thought it would be interesting to see where their payroll is projected to be right now. If the Twins have a projected 90 million dollar payroll going into 2010 how much the Twins really have to sign Free Agents. If anyone disagrees with the payroll i have projected just leave a comment in the comment box or shoot me an email at

  • Joe Mauer- 12.5 million That is what he is scheduled and I project that they will put his extension on top of his 2010 contract.
  • Justin Morneau- 14.0 million
  • Nick Punto- 4.0 million
  • J.J. Hardy- 6.0 million *
  • Joe Crede- 1.5 million **
  • Delmon Young- 2.0 million *
  • Denard Span- 450,000 ***
  • Michael Cuddyer- 8.5 million
  • Jason Kubel- 4.1 million
  • Jose Morales- 410,000 ***
  • Jason Pridie- 400,000 ***
  • Brendan Harris- 1.5 million *
  • Alexi Casilla- 450,000 ***
  • Carl Pavano- 8.0 Million
  • Jarrod Washburn- 6.0 million
  • Scott Baker- 3.0 million
  • Kevin Slowey- 475,000 ***
  • Nick Blackburn- 475,000 ***
  • Joe Nathan- 11.25 million
  • Jon Rauch- 2.9 million
  • Jesse Crain- 2.5 million *
  • Matt Guerrier 2.5 million *
  • Francisco Liriano 1.5 million *
  • Brian Duensing - 410,000***
  • Jose Mijares- 410,000 ***

Total: 95 million

*: arbitration estimate

**: guess at signing

***: less than 3 years service time

  • What does this all mean is the question. 95 million is a little high for the Twins to be spending. You need to look at Joe Mauer and if his 2010 salary is 18-20 million like many have suggested that puts the Twins over 100 million and I can't see that happening. Therefore I can't see the Twins giving 14 million dollars to Carl Pavano and Jarrod Washburn. So after looking at the numbers no matter what you hear I think a Jarrod Washburn signing is unlikely and really any signing that is more than a million or 2 is probably unlikely too. That probably puts Felipe Lopez, Orlando Hudson, Miguel Tejada, and Mike Lowell out of the Twins price range.


Anonymous said...


I would agree with your analysis. I have said from day one that this team was done making moves and everbody criticized me. The bottom line is the front office is cheap and don't understand they are one or two players away from making a serious run. Let's hope for Crede and Cabrera to round out the infield.

Sue said...

I can live with Crede and Cabrera. No thanks on Washburn. Someone needs to prove to me that he can offer more quality than Duensing. (No one wants to acknowledge the cajones the rookie showed down the stretch.) Save 6 million, get something out of Perkins (good luck on that score,) and pray Liriano gets his head together by next spring.

Travis Aune said...

as my projected roster said I see the Twins signing Joe Crede as he is the cheapest and most likely signing. I may be one of the few out there that feels Liriano still has the potential to be an ace so here is hoping that his winter ball is a sign of things to come.