Friday, February 22, 2008

Denard Span-Twins career at a crossroads

Denard Span is a very interesting prospect for the Twins. Some say he is a young version of Kenny Lofton while others say he is a bust that will never play an inning in the big leagues for the Twins organization. When i studied him you got a mixed bag on one hand you have all the talent in the world and at times he shows it on the field. But at other times you see an undisiplined underacheiver. Look at his career stats for example he was drafted in the first round of '03 draft as a high school senior and worked his way up slowly and surely. In 2005 he started in Ft Myers and hit .339 in 49 games there and showed great discipline at the plate with almost as many walks as strikeouts and showed the speed that the Twins saw when they drafted him which got him a promotion to New Britain where he did solid in the rest of 2005 and 2006 which earned him a promotion to Rochester for 2007. That is where it was a little more of a stuggle for him when he was terrible in the first half. Struggling swinging at bad pitches and struggling on the base paths getting thrown out way more often than a person with his speed should He hit .267 for the season but .304 in the second half so the question is which guy is he is he the guy the twins have been grooming for 5 years or is he a bust that is on the way out of the Twins organization. I agree with the latter look at the amount of talent this guy has it is limitless he has all the skills that a team wants out of its center fielder. He can run,catch,throw,hit,steal bases and be the leader of the outfield. I truly believe in 5 years Denard Span is going to be a star whether its with the twins or not remains to be seen. I believe wholeheartedly that last season was a learning experience for Denard that will lead to a change in his career. With the Santana trade its doubtful that Span is going to be the future center fielder for the Twins with Carlos Gomez around but i do believe he is the best option this season and at the end of the year your going to have a commodity that you can either make room for or trade for prospects but write it down right now in my opinion the sky is the limit for this kid and he will be starting in center field for the Twins on opening day.

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