Friday, February 22, 2008

Santana Trade

I thought i would weigh in on the Santana trade even though it was a few weeks ago. I felt the Twins made a great offer to Santana in the 5 for 93 range and they could walk out of the situation with their head held high. When he turned that down it became obvious that we needed to trade him and get what we could out of him. I may be in the minority here but i dont believe for one second that the twins got legitimate trade offers from either the Yankees or Red Sox. I believe that they each wanted Santana but they have decided to follow the twins lead develop their players and if their is someone on the free agent market that is exciting go for him. I believe from the start they leaked those players out to get the Mets to raise their offer because its pretty obvious thats where he wanted to play and they needed him as much as he needed them. I think its hogwash how alot of Twins fans are ripping into the Twins when they didnt have alot of leverage and did what they had to. Instead of looking at what we could of got lets look at what we did get.
1. Carlos Gomez-his potential is endless i believe he is going to be a superstar. look at his speed Jose Reyes says Gomez is faster than him so that should tell you the speed he has plus his power will come. He need to develop better plate discipline and i think that will come but i think a year in Rochester will do him good but when he gets here to stay people will say Torii Who?
2. Philip Humber-He also has a lot of potential just look at his last start in the minor leagues he showed the control and outstanding offspeed pitches. He had Tommy John surgery a couple years ago and everyone says the second years better. The key is if he gets his velocity back if he does he will be a phenom if he doesnt he will be a bullpen guy simple as that.
3. Kevin Mulvey-He is a very interesting prospect because he had an outstanding college career at Villanova. drafted in the 2nd round in 06 and reminds me of a former mets farmhand that the twins aquired in Kevin Tapani. He will not blow you away but has great command and great contol and give him another year in the minors in either new britain or Rochester and you will see a guy in the twins rotation for years to come.
4. Deolis Guerra- Now this guy has electric stuff i truly believe if your patient with him he will be a right handed santana he has all the tools and is only 19 years old just be patient with him and you got the ace the twins were looking for.
Overall i would give it a b+ and if Humber can get his velocity back its a A all the way

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