Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday, Febuary 25th

Not a whole lot to report today but i found a few things that i found that were pretty interesting that i thought I would share.
1. Twins insider Lavelle E. Neal III reports that Francisco Liriano hit 97 on the radar gun a few times and consistantly 92-95. I think that is huge cause a big indicator for pitchers after tommy john is velocity and if has that back already thats good news for him and also the Twins cause if he can be The Franchise that we remember look out for the Twins.
2. Also from Lavelle its looking more and more like Joe Mauer is going to hit 2nd with the Twins cause he wants to hit Mourneau 4th. I think that is good because Mauer hasnt developed the power yet that we have been expecting but man can he hit singles and doubles. Hopefully Michael Cuddyer or Delmon Young will step into that 3 hole and take off so we can do that.
3. Jesse Crain threw off the mound without pain so that is very good news cause when he is right our bullpen goes from great to awesome.
Overall its getting exciting and when we get the Franchise in camp Wednesday things should get more exciting.

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