Monday, February 25, 2008

Twins projected opening day roster

I thought it would be a good time for me to project who i think will go north with the Twins and i look forward to any comments i receive if you disagree.
1. Denard Span CF
2. Joe Mauer C
3. Michael Cuddyer RF
4. Justin Mourneau 1B
5. Delmon Young LF
6. Jason Kubel DH
7. Mike Lamb 3b
8.Brenden Harris 2b
9. Adam Everett ss

Mike Redmond C
Nick Punto INF
Craig Monroe OF
Brian Buscher IF

Having Denard Span make the roster as the starting CF may surprise alot of people but i think going into spring training he wants it the most and i think gomez needs some more time in AAA he is the future in cf but i think Span is the present. By having Span in CF i think that guarantees Monroe a roster spot as long as he shows up this spring. I think Monroe will play some center field so that leaves open the possiblility for a pinch hitter off the bench that luis rodriguez had last year and i think that fits Brian Buscher to a T he is a good hitter with power and he will be the perfect guy to have on the bench for the late inning heroics.

1. Scott Baker
2. Livian Hernandez
3. Francisco Liriano
4. Boof Bonser
5. Kevin Slowey

Joe Nathan CL
Pat Neshek
Jesse Crain
Juan Rincon
Matt Guerrier
Dennys Reyes
Glen Perkins

I think in the pitching deparment there are question marks about every starter but if they can be answered i really believe the Twins have a chance to compete. The Biggest one is Liriano cause if he can come back and be that ace we need everyone else can fall in line and Scott Baker can be that #2 and so on. If he cant there are a number of other choices but for this purpose i am going to say he starts the season in the rotation. In the bullpen there are alot of questions also but i know gardy likes to have 2 leftys so i pick perkins to be here and alot depends on crain being healthy and if neshek can last a whole year. I believe they can and i really believe the people that are concerned about our pitching are wrong just becuase we dont have the name value in that rotation i truly believe there is talent there waiting for the chance to show it.


SethSpeaks said...

I would flip-flop Harris and Lamb in the starting lineup to go lefty-righty throughout.

I also can't imagine any scenario in which Brian Buscher would make the opening day roster. All he can do is hit, and if they want a left-handed pinch hitter, they might as well keep Garrett Jones. Personally, you may have to count me in on the Tommy Watkins bandwagon. Won't hit much, but he can play about eight positions!

Andrew Darsow said...

Good post here Travis. I actually like your lineup and think you may be right on but I have to agree with Seth. I think Buscher needs to play everyday at AAA. We'll see what comes out of the CF spot but I do like how motivated Span is. I wouldn't rule out Pridie though here either. We shall see. Good job.

SethSpeaks said...

I agree with Seth too, but I'm not too high on Buscher at all. I think Macri should play 3B most every day in Rochester with Buscher DHing. I want to see if his 2007 was legit.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, I would probably flip-flop Young and Cuddyer. The reason is that Young doesn't take any pitches, so I would like him in front of Morneau and Cuddyer so that pitchers have to pitch to him.

TP said...

I agree with Seth too. I guess it's unanimous.

Patthew said...

Did you forget about Jason Pridie? I read the fluff pieces about how bad Span wants it too, but he has a problem. He can't hit. Pridie is more likely to be able to hit and has to be the current favorite now to occupy the job till Gomez is ready. Also, Harris should lead off.

beth said...

I agree with patthew (and Seth, to keep it unanimoous). I'm glad Span wants it so desperately, but wanting something and getting something aren't always hand-in-hand. Right now I'm slightly more inclined to give it to Pridie.