Thursday, April 10, 2008

3rd Base

I will be continuing my series on the Twins position by position look into the Twins organization. Today i will be moving onto the 3rd base position hope everyone enjoys it and let the comments continue. I am very excited about this position because we have some of the best talent in the whole system at this position so enjoy.

  • Mike Lamb- Mike signed with the Twins as a free agent over the winter to solidify the 3rd base position while some of our younger prospects work their way up. This is the 3rd organization for Mike after previously playing for Texas and Houston before joining the Twins. The Twins signed him to a 2 year contract with a team option that could keep him here till after the 2010 season. Mike is a career .281 hitter in 852 games so he is a very solid hitter. His problem is he has not gotten the chance to get regular at bats and thats why he was attracted to the Twins. After going through the nightmare season last year with Nick Punto the Twins jumped at signing a professional hitter. I look for Mike to have a good year this year for the Twins i look for somewhere betwee .270-280 with about 20 hr and 80-85 rbis. I really think Mike has found a home in Minnesota and will be a pleasure to watch for the next 3 years.


  • Brian Buscher- Brian has been up and down with the Twins the last couple seasons and does a lot of things well. Last season he showed flashes of being a good quality 3rd baseman. But, like a lot of young players he has lacked consistancy to be at the major league level. Another thing he really needs to work on is his defense because honestly its not very good. The good thing about him is he can hit and because of that i expect to see Brian up with the Twins at some point this season. If he can continue to hit and work on his defense i think he can be a quality backup for the Twins in the years to come.

New Britain

  • Luke Hughes- Luke is a very solid 3rd baseman he does a lot of this right and doesnt make a lot of mistakes. Defensively he is very strong and offensively he is getting better ever year. He signed with the Twins as an undrafted free agent in 2002 and slowly and surely has worked his way up to New Britain. Honestly, I think he is a solid player but not a great player and with the guys that are behind him he could get passed up, but that should not take away from the fact he is a good player that possibly if he keeps working could make the majors as a utility man.

Fort Myers

  • Daniel Valencia- I am super excited about Daniel like i said I believe he is the future 3rd baseman for the Twins. He was drafted in the 19th round in the 2006 draft and since then he has dominated everywhere he has been. He has a nice glove at 3rd and man can he hit he is a career .297 hitter who is fast and can hit for average and hit for power. I really believe the sky is the limit for this kid if he continues to do what he has already done and keep developing as a hitter. I am really excited about him and i think we have found the 3rd baseman of the future.


  • Deibinson Romero- He is another guy i am really high on he has an excellent glove and a really good bat. Deibinson is a career .315 hitter that knows how to hit and if he can continue to develop like he is he will be outstanding and challenge Valencia for the starting 3rd basemen job with the Twins in a few years. Deibinson was an undrafted free agent in '04 and has gotten better and better every year and if that continues look out. The only thing i would like to see out of him is a little more power he has only hit 9 career home runs but i also think that will come. Deibinson Romero is definately someone to keep your eye on and dont be surprised to see him in a Twins uniform in a few years.


SethSpeaks said...

Brian Buscher made his debut with the Twins late last year, so I don't think he's been up and down with the Twins the last couple of years. they just added him via the minor league rule v draft in December of '06. He's a decent bat, not good glove, good pinch hitting option if need-be.

Hughes in a stop gap at New Britain, manning 3B until the team moves Valencia up. He's never really played a lot of 3B. Last year he was a utility guy for the Rockcats (and made the All-Star team). He has primarily played 2B, but played some OF last year too.

Jeff said...

Nice Blog travis and thanks for the links Seth.

I have seen Valencia play and was impressed, he is good player and most probably the Twins 3rd baseman of the future. It will be interesting to see how quickly the Twins move him up.

In a couple weeks I hope to get to Beloit and catch a game or two or three and see Romero. I feel like I missed something with the power explosion by Parmelee so I have to get down there and see if he has improved from last year.

Keep it up Travis.

Travis Aune said...

thanks jeff for visiting i appreciate the compliment keep coming and let me know if you make it to the game and what you think of romero and parmalee