Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bluffton Braves

Kyle Dykhoff of the Braves was nice enough to answer my questions about the Braves and their upcoming season.

TT: Briefly can you tell me about 2007 season with your record and how you did in the playoffs and any special acheivements worth noting.

KD:I Believe our record was about 17-13 and we got 3rd place in regions with both losses coming to Carlos. The 2007 season was one of our better seasons in awhile. A lot of our losses came in heart-breakers. Our season highlights consisted of coming back from 5 runs down to defeat Perham in a league playoff elimination game.

TT:Is there any key additions to the team?

KD:Our team will be adding two promising highschool kids . Nick Goeden is a infielder with great speed and Josh Sweere is a big kid who should be able to have good power like his older brother Marc (1b)

TT: Is there any key losses from the team?

KD: Our one key loss could be our veteran catcher Wayne Dykhoff who is contemplating retirement. Wayne is a great hitter and is probably the best game caller in the league behind the plate.

TT: What do you view as the teams strengths this season?

KD: Our biggest strength is our pitching. We have three above average starting pitchers(Cody Geiser,Dustin Geiser, Kyle Dykhoff)

TT:What are some things the team needs to work on to be the best it can be come playoff time?

KD: Our team needs to be able to have more quality at-bats where we put the ball in play hard.(less strikeouts and pop-ups)

TT: What are the expections you have for your team going into the season?

KD: We want to go to state this year! We have got third place in regions two consecutive years. We could have everyone back this year and we expect to get over the hump.

TT: If you could say what player is the key to your success or failure and why?

KD: Our team revolves our left-handed sticks, (Brent Weller, David Klinnert, and Marc Sweere) with Marc Sweere being our best hitter.

TT:Break down your league for me and where do you see your team fitting into your league.

KD: Detroit Lakes-Team to beat ,Great line-up, weak pitching Bertha-Young but talented WDC-Great potential and pitching, can't seem to pull things together NYM- Weakest team in division Perham-Very young, good potential, Veterans key to success. Bluffton- Should challenge DL for division

TT:Where do you see amateur baseball going in the next 5 years?

KD:Amateur Baseball is big in our area, should stay strong

TT:If you could change something about amateur baseball what would it be.

KD: Nothing

Bluffton has a good young team and baseball fans their I know from experience like to come check them out. Any baseball fan should go check them out and you will be impressed they play the game the right way and you will have a good time. A thank you to Kyle Dykhoff for being so nice and answering my questions good luck this year.

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