Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mauer to start season on disabled list

The Twins and Joe Mauer revealed what everyone feared yesterday when he revealed that more than likely he will start the season on the Disabled List. The good news is they have a treatment plan for the inflammation in his back and the belief is they will be able to get it out so the Mauer won't have to worry about it anymore. The only problem with medication is it takes time to work and the Twins don't have enough time to wait. My only question is why did it take a month to figure out that the medication he was taking wasn't working and prescribe a new one. If they had done that we would not be having this conversation. I am just estimating here but my guess is it will take 2 weeks for the medication to get the inflammation out of his back and another 2 weeks for Joe to get into playing shape since he hasn't been able to run. Probably a week of minor league games and then should be back. My guess is that he will be back in a Twins uniform the last week in April which is not the end of the world if they get this taken care of so it doesnt flare up again.

  • The Twins made 3 more cuts yesterday to bring their roster down to 42. The Cuts were expected but they were:

  • Kevin Mulvey

  • Mike Gosling

  • Wilson Ramos

  • The interesting thing about Ramos is he was optioned to AA New Britain which answers the question about where he would start the season. There were some who thought that Ramos would start the season back at Fort Myers, but obviously he will start at New Britain. That should be interesting to watch and see how he fares with a new challenge.

  • On the Rochester Red Wings website it said that Dustin Martin, Rob Delaney, Jeff Manship, and Ben Julianel were on the way to Rochester. I am not sure if that means that they are going to start the season in Rochester or that eventually they will make it there. I assumed that Julianel and Martin would be in Rochester, but I was not expecting Manship and Delaney to start the season there. I will let you know when I get concrete answers on that. Also Deibinson Romero was optioned to Fort Myers and that is also a surprise because I felt like he was headed back to Beloit because of all the injuries last season.

  • Today the Twins continue grapefruit action as they take on Philadelphia Phillies in Clearwater. RA Dickey gets the start for the Twins as he tries to grab a bullpen spot with the Twins. Gametime is at 12:05 in Clearwater.

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