Monday, June 22, 2009

Stream of Negativity

I am calling this the stream of negativity because everyone who knows me knows that I am a pretty positive guy especially when it comes to the Twins and their minor league system as I don't see a point on being a negative columnist. I will leave those type of articles to the Jim Souhan and Patrick Reusse's of the world. However, every so often I need to get some things Twins related off my chest and I thought this would be a good forum to get the things off my chest. I will return to normal programming after this and everyone should check back later in the day as I have some interesting things planned so enjoy.

The Twins went 3-3 on this last homestand and a few things bothered me about this. First, Sean Henn needs to go he is a terrible reliever who just seems to get worse and worse every time we use him. He was ok to start with but he has been bad really bad for a while yet, but Gardy still trusts him in big situations. I was pretty upset watching that game on Saturday night. As most that know me know I am a pretty big Scott Baker fan and I was so happy with his start Saturday night. Going into the 7th inning Bake had only given up 1 run and was in control of things. Gardy acts like he got drilled and he really did not. Hunter Pence hit a soft line drive in the gap for a double with 1 out. Then Ivan Rodriguez hit a texas leaguer barely over the second baseman for a basehit to score Pence and make it 3-2 hardly getting drilled. I don't have a problem taking Baker out because he has a history of when he loses it really loses it, but don't make it see like he is the only pitcher that is like that other pitchers on the staff also have that problem. What I have a problem with is bringing in Sean Henn instead of Mijares or Guerrier. When they brought in Henn I knew exactly what was going to happen because he has been awful his last 4 or 5 outings. That is like saying I don't care if we win as long as we get Henn and Ayala in the game. After the game too Gardy made it seem like Baker needed to fight through it and Gardy did not even give Baker the opprotunity to go. I understand that Mijares and Guerrier can't pitch every game and if they needed a day off then I would of let Baker stay in with only a runner on first with 1 out. It is pretty obvious that changes in that bullpen need to be made and need to be made fast. The first thing I would do is dfa Henn and bring up Bobby Keppel who asked Rochester to start him so other teams can get a better look at him because he has an out in his contract. I would rather the Twins lose Sean Henn then lose Bobby Keppel. For those that are going to say well Keppel is right handed so you need another left hander that is hogwash of course if you have leftys that are good than that is a bonus but you can get by without 2 leftys. I would also give R.A. Dickey the opprotunity to pitch in the 7th inning instead of Ayala. He has proven he can do the long relief role I would like him to atleast get the chance to see if he can do more pressure situations. If you try him and he can't do it you can always return him to long relief role. There is no doubt that the Twins need to make a move because this divison is for the taking a one good relief pitcher is all that seperates the Twins from their 5th division title this decade and I love prospects just as much as the next guy, but when you have a chance to go get someone to help you take the next step you need to do it. I would offer Alexi Casilla and a low prospect for a reliever because Casilla just does not get what it means to be a Twin and because of that the best course of action is to let him start fresh somewhere else. Something else I am burning about is the handling of Jose Morales. Yesterday, was the perfect day to have him catch a day with Joe Mauer Dhing the Twins could of given Morales a start behind the plate. Mike Redmond is not hitting right now and is not the player he used to be so why not go with the hothand especially considering Morales had a big double Saturday night that gave the Twins the chance to tie it in the bottom of the 9th. So why not give him a reward by giving him a start yesterday. Of course not that would be too hard to do so my question is what is the point of having him with the Twins if you are not going to use him. You are not helping the Twins and you are also not helping his development by giving him 2 at bats in a week. I would also give Jason Pridie a chance because Carlos Gomez is regressing at the plate and although he is great defensively atleast I think Pridie would have a good idea of what he is doing at the plate. I am happy for Kyle Waldrop that he gets the chance to get back to AA I just hope that Spencer Steedley joins him at AA very soon or that will be disappointing because he has an era under 1 and deserves the opprotunity over anybody. I am done ranting on the Twins I hope everyone enjoyed it and will put their 2 cents in on this. Thanks for listening to me complain it doesn't happen very often.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on a lot of that, and though i know it is trite, I say hang in there. The Twins already made the first move they should have made a month ago, and they seem to be angling toward the second. Should be interesting.

Travis Aune said...

thanks I plan on it as a lifelong Twins fan sometimes you just need to get some things that bother you off your chest and move on because the Twins bring more enjoyment and excitement then the few negatives combined.