Sunday, June 21, 2009

Travis Talks prospect list: Prospect #7

Tonight, I will be bringing prospect number 7 of the Twins organization. Tommorrow I will continue the countown as I will bring pick number 6 and so on until I finish with the top prospect in the Twins organization. I hope everyone enjoys and will comment on if they agree or disagree with the selection.

7. Angel Morales CF 19 (11/24/1989)

2008 teams: Elizabethton Twins

  • Angel Morales was a third round pick of the Twins in the 2007 draft out of Puerto Rico. After signing with the Twins Morales started his Twins career at the age of 17 with the GCL Twins. In 38 games Angel hit .256 with 2 homeruns and 15 rbi's along with 6 doubles and 3 triples along with 11 stolen bases. In 121 at bats Morales only walked 12 times and struck out 44 times which was way too much and did not walk enough. In 2008 Morales moved up to E-town where he really took off as a prospect at only 18 years old. In 54 games at E-town he hit .301 with a very good 15 homeruns and 28 rbi's along with 12 doubles and a triple for an ops of 1.036. In 183 at bats Morales only walked only 26 times and struck out an outragous 72 times. This year Angel moved up to full season Beloit and it has been a struggle. In 56 games Morales is only hitting .219 with 6 homeruns and 24 rbi's along with 8 doubles and 3 triples for an ops of .673. In 196 at bats Angel has only 17 walks and terrible 58 strikeouts. Angel Morales is a very good prospect for the Twins who can hit alot of homeruns, but will also strikeout alot by his 174 career strikeouts in 148 games. Angel Morales is only 19 years old and won't be 20 until Novemaber so he is way young for his level. Morales will probably never hit for high average, but if he is going to keep moving up he needs to cut down on his strikeouts. He is a 5 tool player in that he can hit for power, hit for doubles, has speed, strong arm, will steal some bases. When you think about it most 19 years old are either in EST or GCL and he is 2 levels ahead of them. If he can get to Fort Myers in 3 years he will still be young for his level. His ceiling in my opinion will be limitless who I think will hit for a tremendous amount of power and play good defense. I think he has the ability in the future to be a 30-30 guy with his power and speed. If Angel can hit .260-.270 I would be very happy because his power numbers and defense will take care of the rest. Morales is still probably 5 or 6 years away from joining the Twins and even if it takes him 6 more years to get to the bigs he would still only be 25 years old which is young for the majors. The sky is the limit for Morales who I am looking for a better second half and a better season yet next year with Beloit. I view him as a corner outfielder who has the ability to play center, but with Aaron Hicks and Ben Revere around Morales will be more of a corner outfielder and that is fun because of his power and his strong throwing arm. Write it down right now eventually Angel Morales will be anchoring the middle of the lineup for the Twins.

  • 2009: Outfield for Beloit all season and hopefully improve in second half.

  • Projection: I project him to be a middle of the order hitter who will be around for 15-20 years with the Twins.

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