Friday, April 11, 2008

twins prospects stats

im going to do something similiar to what Seth has up today with a little bit of a twist. I am going to list my Twins prospects where they are playing but i am also going to give their stats so far and i plan to update it every week so you can see how our prospects are doing.

1. Deolis Guerra- P Fort Myers 0-0 0.90 ERA 2 starts 6walks and 8 strikeouts
2. Carlos Gomez-cf Twins .313 2rbi 5 stolen bases
3. Tyler Robertson- P Fort Myers 0-1 3.60ERA 1 start 2 walks 6 strikeouts
4. Kevin Mulvey- P Rochester 1-0 0.00ERA 1 start bb, 5 strikeouts
5. Anthony Swarzak- P New Britain 0-0 1.80ERA 1 start 1walk 4 strikeouts
6. Ben Revere- Extended Spring Training
7. Alexi Casilla- SS Rochester .167 1 rbi 3 sb 3errors
8. Jeff Manship- P Fort Myers 2-0 4.50ERA 2starts 4 walks 8 strikeouts
9. Trevor Plouffe-SS New Britain .154, .214obp
10.Phillip Humber-P Rochester 0-2 5.00ERA 2 starts BB, 5 strikeouts
11.Joe Benson-CF Beloit .192, .318obp 3rbi's and 2 steals
12.Wilson Ramos-C Fort Myers .238,.360obp HR, 2rbi
13.Brian Duensing-P Rochester 0-2 2.31ERA 2starts bb,5strikeouts
14.Chris Parmalee-1b/RF Beloit .250 3HR 3RBI .750 slugging percentage
15.Danny Valencia-3b Fort Myers .333 HR,7RBI .452obp
16.Oswaldo Sosa-P New Britain 0-0 0.00ERA 1 start 2bb, 5 strikeouts
17.Nick Blackburn-P Twins 0-1 2.25ERA 2 starts 3 walks 11 strikeouts
18.Jason Pridie- CF Rochester .160.222obp, sb
19.Jay Rainville-P New Britain 0-1 10.80ERA 1start 5 walks
20.Alex Burnett-P Fort Myers 0-1 7.20ERA 1start 2 walks 3 strike outs

that is the first 20 ill have the next 30 tommorrow and keep in mind its early and a lot of these guys only have played a half a dozen games and they will get alot better so take this first update with a grain of salt, but wanted to keep everyone informed.

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