Friday, February 22, 2008

Joe Nathan-what to do with him

The Twins have an interesting decision to make with Joe Nathan he will be a free agent at the end of the season and alot of young guys in the bullpen that might be able to do the job. My opinion on this is if the price is right sign him because he is one of the top 3 closers in the game and pitchers like that are hard to find. Nathan will be 33 so what i would do is tear up this years contract and offer 4 for 48. i think thats a very fair offer and if he wants more i would get would i could for him but i would wait till the deadline because relievers are more valuable then look at what Texas got for Eric Gagne last year. But i believe that if Joe Nathan truly wants to stay with the twins he will take that and the Twins will have an awesome closer for the next 4 years. i would appreciate everyones opinion on this and i might have more this afternoon.

Santana Trade

I thought i would weigh in on the Santana trade even though it was a few weeks ago. I felt the Twins made a great offer to Santana in the 5 for 93 range and they could walk out of the situation with their head held high. When he turned that down it became obvious that we needed to trade him and get what we could out of him. I may be in the minority here but i dont believe for one second that the twins got legitimate trade offers from either the Yankees or Red Sox. I believe that they each wanted Santana but they have decided to follow the twins lead develop their players and if their is someone on the free agent market that is exciting go for him. I believe from the start they leaked those players out to get the Mets to raise their offer because its pretty obvious thats where he wanted to play and they needed him as much as he needed them. I think its hogwash how alot of Twins fans are ripping into the Twins when they didnt have alot of leverage and did what they had to. Instead of looking at what we could of got lets look at what we did get.
1. Carlos Gomez-his potential is endless i believe he is going to be a superstar. look at his speed Jose Reyes says Gomez is faster than him so that should tell you the speed he has plus his power will come. He need to develop better plate discipline and i think that will come but i think a year in Rochester will do him good but when he gets here to stay people will say Torii Who?
2. Philip Humber-He also has a lot of potential just look at his last start in the minor leagues he showed the control and outstanding offspeed pitches. He had Tommy John surgery a couple years ago and everyone says the second years better. The key is if he gets his velocity back if he does he will be a phenom if he doesnt he will be a bullpen guy simple as that.
3. Kevin Mulvey-He is a very interesting prospect because he had an outstanding college career at Villanova. drafted in the 2nd round in 06 and reminds me of a former mets farmhand that the twins aquired in Kevin Tapani. He will not blow you away but has great command and great contol and give him another year in the minors in either new britain or Rochester and you will see a guy in the twins rotation for years to come.
4. Deolis Guerra- Now this guy has electric stuff i truly believe if your patient with him he will be a right handed santana he has all the tools and is only 19 years old just be patient with him and you got the ace the twins were looking for.
Overall i would give it a b+ and if Humber can get his velocity back its a A all the way

Denard Span-Twins career at a crossroads

Denard Span is a very interesting prospect for the Twins. Some say he is a young version of Kenny Lofton while others say he is a bust that will never play an inning in the big leagues for the Twins organization. When i studied him you got a mixed bag on one hand you have all the talent in the world and at times he shows it on the field. But at other times you see an undisiplined underacheiver. Look at his career stats for example he was drafted in the first round of '03 draft as a high school senior and worked his way up slowly and surely. In 2005 he started in Ft Myers and hit .339 in 49 games there and showed great discipline at the plate with almost as many walks as strikeouts and showed the speed that the Twins saw when they drafted him which got him a promotion to New Britain where he did solid in the rest of 2005 and 2006 which earned him a promotion to Rochester for 2007. That is where it was a little more of a stuggle for him when he was terrible in the first half. Struggling swinging at bad pitches and struggling on the base paths getting thrown out way more often than a person with his speed should He hit .267 for the season but .304 in the second half so the question is which guy is he is he the guy the twins have been grooming for 5 years or is he a bust that is on the way out of the Twins organization. I agree with the latter look at the amount of talent this guy has it is limitless he has all the skills that a team wants out of its center fielder. He can run,catch,throw,hit,steal bases and be the leader of the outfield. I truly believe in 5 years Denard Span is going to be a star whether its with the twins or not remains to be seen. I believe wholeheartedly that last season was a learning experience for Denard that will lead to a change in his career. With the Santana trade its doubtful that Span is going to be the future center fielder for the Twins with Carlos Gomez around but i do believe he is the best option this season and at the end of the year your going to have a commodity that you can either make room for or trade for prospects but write it down right now in my opinion the sky is the limit for this kid and he will be starting in center field for the Twins on opening day.

Friday, Febuary 22nd

hey everyone i have had computer problems this week but im back and i have the day off of work so i plan to post a few things today and i want to thank Seth Speaks for the plug he didnt need to do it but i appreciate the help. anyway i will be posting a few articles today hope you all like them.