Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sanchez traded to Giants/Trade Rumors/scenarios

Freddy Sanchez was traded to the San Francisco Giants for AA pitcher Tim Alderson a huge prospect in baseball. Before the season Alderson was ranked as the 26th best prospect in all of baseball and the 4th best prospect in the Giants organization. To me thats a huge price to pay for a singles hitter who is due 10 million the next year in a half. I know Twins fans are flipping out that the Twins did not find a way to make it happen, but the honest truth the Twins don't have a prospect in the entire organization that projects as high as Alderson not even Aaron Hicks. I am shocked that San Francisco would give up a prospect this highly regarded for Sanchez who is not going to put them over the top. Don't get me wrong Freddy Sanchez is a solid hitter who plays adequate defense, but to give up one of the top prospects in your organization for him is really outragous to me. I thought that he could be had for alot less, but when someone overpays for someone like the Giants did there is not alot you can do. I know there will be some that will rip on the Twins for not getting Sanchez even though it makes no sense since the Twins did not have the horses to get him for what Pittsburgh got from San Francisco.

The question is should the Twins make a trade and if so who should they go after. Alexi Casilla has had a good series versus the White Sox and with Mark Grudzilanek coming I really think the Twins are fine in the infield with Brendan Harris and Nick Punto doing adequately at shortstop. Offense is not the Twins problem this year and if either Grudzilanek or Casilla can do adequate the Twins are fine offensively. I would like the Twins to make a deal for a reliever and with Michael Wuertz apparently off the table there are still a few guys that could be had. John Grabow a left handed reliever from Pittsburgh would be fine. There is Joe Beimel, Dannys Baez, George Sherill and others. The question is what would we have to give up because I would not give up the world for a reliever as Jesse Crain seems better and Matt Guerrier is good. Other than that I would not make a big trade just a small one for a bullpen arm to help the team. Does anyone disagree with me if so let me know

Wednesday, July, 29th

I am back after taking a 5 day vacation from blogging and I should have plenty of stuff ahead. I plan on starting with a brief overview of the 6 days without updates in the Twins system. hope it helps to get on track with all the Twins info.

Twins Talk
Angels 6 Twins 5 10 innings Thursday WP: Fuentes LP: Crain(0-2)

Baker 5inn 2 runs 7 hits 3bb 6k 5.04 era Kubel 2-5 HR (17) 3 rbi (55)

Angels 6 Twins 3 Friday Night WP: Lackey LP: Liriano(4-10)

Liriano 5.1inn 6 runs 8 hits 2bb 3k 5.56 era Mauer 2-4 .365 avg 2hr(17) 2rbi(53)

Angels 11 Twins 5 Saturday Afternoon WP: Palmer LP: Blackburn(8-5)

Blackburn 3.2 inn 6 runs 6 hits 1bb 3.75 era Kubel 3-4 .315 avg HR(18) 3rbi(58)

Twins 10 Angels 1 Sunday Afternoon WP: Swarzak(3-3) LP: Santana

Swarzak 6.2 inn 1 run 4 hits 3bb 4k 3.74 era Morneau 2-4 .315 avg 2hr(26) 3rbi(82)

Twins 4 White Sox 3 Monday Night WP: Perkins(6-6) LP: Danks Save: Nathan(27)

Perkins 7 inn 3 runs 6 hits 1bb 3k 5.42 era Cuddyer 1-4 Hr(17) 2rbi(53)

Twins 5 White Sox 3 Tuesday Night WP: Mijares(1-2) LP: Buehrle Save: Nathan(28)

Baker 6 inn 1 run 4 hits 6k 4.86 era Punto 1-3 2rbi(23)

Rochester Wrap

Pawtucket 5 Rochester 3 Thursday WP: Cherry LP: Morillo Save: Vaquedano

Humber 6 inn 3 runs 4 hits 4bb 5k 6.16 era Macri 1-3 hr(8) 2rbi(31)

Charlotte 2 Rochester 1 10 innings Friday WP: Wassermann LP: Lahey

Santos 8 inn 0 runs 6 hits 1bb 6k 4.06 era Macri 1-4 hr(9) rbi(32)

Charlotte 7 Rochester 6 Saturday WP: Williams LP: Morillo

Pino 5 inn 5 runs 9 hits 1bb 6k 6.30 era Tolleson 2-3 .295 avg hr(4) rbi(14)

Rochester 13 Charlotte 10 Sunday WP: Jones LP: Rodriguez Save: Delaney

Mulvey 5.1 inn 8 runs 8 hits 3bb 7k 4.40 era Huber 4-5 .281 avg hr(15) 2rbi(54)

Charlotte 3 Rochester 2 Monday WP: Wassermann LP: Lahey

Manship 8 inn 2 runs 7 hits 3bb 3k 2.89 era Winfree 2-3 .285 avg double(25)

Rochester 7 Gwinnett 1 Tuesday WP: Humber LP: Bennett

Humber 7 inn 1 run 5 hits 2bb 4k 5.78 era Huber 2-5 .279 double(15) 2rbi(56)

New Britain Business

New Britain 0 Portland 0 Thursday Rained out

Connecticut 4 New Britain 2 Friday WP: English LP: Fox Save: Otero

Fox 6.1 inn 4 runs 4 hits 1bb 9k 3.51 era Dinkelman 2-3 .293 avg double(25)

Connecticut 1 New Britain 0 Saturday WP: Joaquin LP: Waldrop

Mccardell 7inn 0 runs 4 hits 2bb 6k 9.00 era Lehman 2-3 .250 avg double(7)

Connecticut 10 New Britain 6 Sunday WP: Peterson LP: Devries

Devries 4.2 inn 6 runs 7 hits 5bb 1k 4.00 era Tosoni 3-5 .277 avg double(22) rbi(54)

New Britain 0 New Hampshire Postponed Power Monday

New Hampshire 5 New Britain 1 Tuesday Game 1 WP: Perez LP: Mullins

Mullins 4.2 inn 1 earned run 6 hits 2bb 6k 4.70 era Robbins 2-3 .288 avg double(18)

New Hampshire 5 New Britain 0 Tuesday Game 2 WP: Mcleary LP: Guerra

Guerra 2 inn 5 runs 6 hits 1bb 2k 5.04 era Dinkelman 1-3 double(26)

Fort Myers Minutes

Tampa 6 Fort Myers 5 Thursday WP: Hovis LP: Erickson

Robertson 8 inn 1 run 7 hits 1bb 4k 3.73 era Soto 3-4 .300 avg 3 singles

Fort Myers 6 Tampa 3 Friday WP: Testa LP: Norton Save: H. Arias

Santos Arias 5 inn 0 runs 2 hits 1bb 3k 2.17 era Bigley 3-5 .270 avg dbl(13) trp(2) rbi(21)

Tampa 6 Fort Myers 3 Saturday WP: Zink LP: Hirschfeld

Hirschfeld 5 inn 3 runs 6 hits 2bb 4k 2.24 era Parmalee 1-4 double(17)

Brevard County 8 Fort Myers 4 Sunday WP: Merklinger LP: Tarsi

Tarsi 5 inn 3 earned runs 8 hits 2bb 3k 4.18 era Benson 2-4 .293 avg rbi(17)

Fort Myers 1 Brevard County 0 Monday WP: Bromberg LP: Rivas Save: Testa

Bromberg 6.2 inn 0 runs 8 hits 1bb 8k 2.69 era Fernandez 1-4 hr(3) rbi(17)

Brevard County 4 Fort Myers 1 Tuesday WP: Luetge LP: Robertson Save: Aguilar

Robertson 7 inn 2 earned runs 6 hits 1bb 6k 3.66 era Bigley 1-2 .264 avg double(14)

Beloit Beat

Beloit 8 Cedar Rapids 7 Thursday WP: Bulluck LP: Veras Save: Williams

Berlind 7 inn 2 runs 5 hits 1bb 4k 4.45 era Hicks: 0-4 .216 batting average

Beloit 0 Cedar Rapids 0 Friday Rained Out

Lansing 7 Beloit 3 Saturday WP: Beck LP: Osterbrock

Osterbrock 6 inn 5 runs 10 hits 3k 5.90 era Waltenbury 2-4 .261 avg 2 doubles(12) 2rbi(30)

Lansing 3 Beloit 1 Sunday WP: Holquin LP: Lanigan Save: Daly

Lanigan 6 inn 3 runs 7 hits 2bb 5k 4.88 era Harrington 1-3 double(26)

Lansing 10 Beloit 1 Monday WP: Alvarez LP: Hendricks

Hendricks 6 inn 5 earned runs 11 hits 1bb 6k 3.33 era Hicks 0-3 .212 ba walk(20)

Great Lakes 8 Beloit 5 Tuesday WP: Redding LP: Tippett Save: St. Clair

Tippett: 4.2 inn 3 earned runs 8 hits 1bb 4k 2.46 era Hicks 1-5 double(7) .211 ba

E-Town Tidbits

E-Town 8 Princeton 5 Thursday WP: Garcia LP: Shull Save: Davis

Garcia: 5 inn 4 runs 5 hits 1bb 6k 4.39 era Streich 2-5 dbl(7) hr(6) 3rbi(20)

E-Town 7 Kingsport 6 Friday WP: Kennelly LP: Hilliard Save: Carr

Sanchez: 3 inn 5 runs 6 hits 1bb 3k 4.45 era Gonzalez 2-3 .330 avg hr(5) rbi(18)

E-Town 6 Kingsport 5 Saturday WP: Ibarra LP: Needham Save: Tootle

Stuifbergen: 4.2 inn 3 runs 4 hits 3k 3.46 era Gonzalez 4-5 .355 2dbls(6) trp(1) 5rbi(23)

E-Town 6 Kingsport 3 11 innings Sunday WP: Marquez LP: Gagg

Stillings: 5.2 inn 1 earned run 5 hits 2bb 4k 3.49 era Pinto 4-5 .356 avg 2rbi(33)

Johnson City 5 E-Town 2 Monday WP: Simpson LP: Munoz

Munoz: 4 inn 4 runs 9 hits 1bb 4k 5.45 era Hidalgo 2-4 .311

Johnson City 0 E-Town 0 Rained out Tuesday