Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday, March 13th

The Twins lost a tough one yesterday to Boston 12-7 in which Carlos Gomez went o-3 to lower his batting average to .148. Im getting more and more convinced that he should start the season in Rochester. I dont know if Denard Span is the answer in center but i think he is the best option for the time being. If Gomez goes down and shows he can do it you can bring him back up in may and its no big deal. I just think it would be a mistake to push Gomez and thats what they would be doing if he starts the season with the Twins.
I was reading the Star Tribune today and i read an article by Patrick Reusse, and it made me think. I've read the star trib sports section religiously since i could read and i have read many of his articles and to be honest im sick and tired of the regativity in his articles. He never has anything good to say about anybody and he always says every sports teams in Minnesota suck and there is no hope. I understand he is trying to sell papers, but come on, the Twins are not as bad as he makes it out to be. I would be shocked to read anything good about the Twins in his column. Anyone have any comments on that article post them here.
Today the Twins travel to Fort Lauderdale to face the Baltimore Orioles with Nick Blackburn having a very import start for the Twins. The way it is now hes the favorite to be the 5th starter because he has been solid all spring and now he gets a chance to start and see how he does. Denard Span gets the start in center today hopefully its a sign of things to come