Wednesday, February 27, 2008

projected 2010 twins lineup

I know its early to project that far ahead cause you dont know how people are going to respond in the minors and people you may add or lose from your team but i thought it would be fun to think ahead and i welcome anyones thought on this.
1.carlos gomez cf
2.joe mauer C
3.Delmon Young LF
4.Justin Mourneau 1b
5.Micheal Cuddyer RF
6.Jason Kubel DH
7. Trevor Plouffe SS
8. Matt Macri 3b
9. Alexi Casilla 2b

Jose Morales C
Joe Benson of
daniel valencia inf
brian buscher inf

1. Francisco Liriano
2. Deolis Guerra
3. Tyler Robertson
4. Kevin Mulvey
5. Scott Baker
CL Joe Nathan
Jesse crain
Pat neshek
glen perkins
nick blackburn
brian duesing
oswaldo sosa
let me know what you think

Wednesday, Febuary 27th

Great news for twins fans the Francise has arrived. Francisco Liriano has arrived at twins camp and that is great news. I was reading an article on sethspeaks about tempering expectations for him and i say forget about that i truly believe liriano has equal if not better stuff than santana. If Liriano can get everything back that he lost because of tommy john surgery he will be phenomenal.
Don't get the wrong idea you need to be careful with him he is only 18 months out from major major surgery so you shouldn't have him throw 230 innings this year. Like i have said since the day i started this blog the twins are going to be better than people expect but 2010 is the year that everything should come together for the twins and they should plan accordingly with the Francise.
Liriano is the one twins pitcher on the roster that a fan gets excited when you see in the paper that he is going to pitch. He has electric stuff and the kind of stuff people will sell out the new stadium to see. I admit it would be easy to rush him back but the risk way outweighs the reward because if his rehab and first year are done correctly he have an ace for the next 10 years because i truly believe in 5 years he will have multiple cy young awards he will be that good.
I dont think you should tell him not to throw the slider or put a limit on how many sliders he can throw because if you can work on his delivery and get rid of the violent tork he put on that elbow he will be able to throw just as many sliders and be as dominant as we rememeber and be the Francise we all know and love.