Saturday, March 15, 2008

3/15 projected lineup

CF Gomez
C Mauer
RF Cuddyer
1b Mourneau
LF Young
3b Lamb
2b Harris
DH Kubel
ss Everett

Redmond c
Punto inf
Monroe of
Jones of/inf

Pitchers w/o baker and liriano
1.Hernandez 1. Hernandez
2.Baker 2. Bonser
3.Bonser 3. Slowey
4.Liriano 4. Perkins
5.Slowey 5. Blackburn

Perkins Humber
Guerrier Guerrier
Crain Crain
Rincon Rincon
Reyes Reyes
Neshek Neshek
Nathan Nathan

everyone let me know what you think

Saturday, March 15th

I watched the Twins today and Kevin Slowey was very impressive today going 4 innings and giving up 2 hits and 1 run to take the lead for the 5th starter Job. Also Carlos Gomez was very impressive today going 3-4 with a HR and 2 stolen Bases. I know there are some people that might Disagree with me but i think Gomez is getting better and better every day and he should be the starting center fielder to start the season. If he is not ready you can send him down anytime and keep him out of Super 2 status. Denard Span has not done anything this spring to tell me that he should be in instead of Gomez. He has been solid but nothing spectacular and going into Spring Season i thought he had to beat out Gomez and i dont think he has done that. There are 13 games left this spring and whoever does better those 13 games should be the one who should be in center to start the season.
The more i think about what is best for the team if he continues to impress Glen Perkins should be in the bullpen and the 12th Pitcher with Humber and Blackburn starting at Rochester. Alot depends if Baker and Liriano start the season with the Twins.