Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday, March 20th

I listened to the Twins game tonight on the radio and i think some things are getting very obvious for the Twins.
1. Kevin Slowey is going to be in the rotation. Tonight he pitched 5 shutout innings and looked good again its 3 great starts in a row for the guy. In his last 3 starts he has given up only 1 run allowed.
2. Carlos Gomez is going to be the center fielder. He is such an exciting player with 9 stolen bases this spring. The only thing i dont like about him is his attitude. To be all honest he is a hotdog and that doesnt fly with the twins. He will learn to get his attitude in check or he will be back in the minor leagues because the Twins dont stand for it no matter how talented he is.
3. How valuable Joe Nathan is to the team. He pitched 2 innings tonight and just blew away the competition. Good news out of Twins camp is that Nathan and the Twins are closing in on a extension that will keep Joe in a Twins uniform for the near future. He is so important to the future of the Twins that they need to make sure it gets done because he will win alot of games for the Twins this year.