Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday, March 11th

First off i want to give a shoutout to Seth Speaks he has a really interested article about the Cf battle from 7 different perspectives. Twins fans you should check it out its very interesting thing to read.
Yesterday the Twins won over the Marlins 4-2 with an ok start by Kevin Slowey. he pitched 3 innings and gave up 6 hits but no runs. A bad start yesterday probably would of eliminated him from any possibility of making the team. It wasnt great and he needs to really improve on that cause there are some guys that have been impressive this spring especially Blackburn and Humber so he needs to watch it.
Another guy that i have been really impressed with this spring is Randy Ruiz. He is a 30 year old career minor leaguer who just got to the Twins organization. His career says he will cool down but he is having quite a spring and if theres an injury dont be surprised to see him with the Twins some time this year.
Today the Twins face the Tampa Bay Rays with Livan Hernandez getting the start today. He needs to improve on his last start when he got shelled for 6 runs in 3 innings. Hopefully we will get some clarity on some of the other position battles going on.