Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday, March 31st


Happy opening day everyone today is a day we have been waiting for. Tonight the Twins open the '08 season against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The return of Torii Hunter should be interesting to see how the Twins' fans are going to react to him to see if he is cheered or booed or what. Now im going to do some projections where i think some Twins players are going to end up this year.

Joe Mauer: .325 average 12hr 68 rbi's
Justin Mourneau: .290 average 37hr 131 rbi's
Brenden Harris: .268 average 15hr 71 rbi's
Adam Everett: .234 average 2hr 35rbi's
Mike Lamb: .278 average 22hr 85rbi's
Delmon Young .292 average 24hr 101 rbi's
Carlos Gomez: .262 average 8hr 33 rbi's 52 stolen bases and 101 runs scored.
Michael Cuddyer: .278 average 21hr 105 rbi's
Jason Kubel: .265 average 10hr 52 rbis
Craig Monroe: .270 average 15 hr 52rbi's

Livan Hernandez: 14-11 3.96 era
Boof Bonser 10-7 4.45 era
Francisco Liriano- 15-4 2.91 era
Kevin Slowey 12-6 4.12 era
Scott Baker 14-5 3.35 era
Joe Nathan 1.91 era 41 saves
Pat Neshek 2.24 era
Jesse Crain 3.31 era
Juan Rincon 2.82 era
Dennys Reyes 3.32 era
Matt Guerrier 2.96 era
Brian Bass 4.34 era