Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday, March 31st


Happy opening day everyone today is a day we have been waiting for. Tonight the Twins open the '08 season against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The return of Torii Hunter should be interesting to see how the Twins' fans are going to react to him to see if he is cheered or booed or what. Now im going to do some projections where i think some Twins players are going to end up this year.

Joe Mauer: .325 average 12hr 68 rbi's
Justin Mourneau: .290 average 37hr 131 rbi's
Brenden Harris: .268 average 15hr 71 rbi's
Adam Everett: .234 average 2hr 35rbi's
Mike Lamb: .278 average 22hr 85rbi's
Delmon Young .292 average 24hr 101 rbi's
Carlos Gomez: .262 average 8hr 33 rbi's 52 stolen bases and 101 runs scored.
Michael Cuddyer: .278 average 21hr 105 rbi's
Jason Kubel: .265 average 10hr 52 rbis
Craig Monroe: .270 average 15 hr 52rbi's

Livan Hernandez: 14-11 3.96 era
Boof Bonser 10-7 4.45 era
Francisco Liriano- 15-4 2.91 era
Kevin Slowey 12-6 4.12 era
Scott Baker 14-5 3.35 era
Joe Nathan 1.91 era 41 saves
Pat Neshek 2.24 era
Jesse Crain 3.31 era
Juan Rincon 2.82 era
Dennys Reyes 3.32 era
Matt Guerrier 2.96 era
Brian Bass 4.34 era


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday, March 30th

today is time for my national league predictions

1. New York Mets
2. Atlanta Braves
3. Philadelphia Phillies
4. Washington Nationals
5. Florida Marlins

1. Chicago Cubs
2. Milwaukee Brewers
3. St. Louis Cardinals
4. Cincinnatti Reds
5. Houston Astros
6. Pittsburgh Pirates

1. Los Angeles Dogers
2. Colorado Rockies
3. San Diego Padres
4 Arizona DiamondBacks
5. San Francisco Giants

Postseason Awards
MVP: Alfonso Soriano
Cy Young: Johan Santana
Rookie of the Year:Kosuke Fukudome
Comeback Player of the Year: Andrew Jones

10 Bold Predictions
1. Joe Torre will lead the Dodgers to the Playoffs
2. The Chicago Cubs will return to the world series for first time in 52 years
3. The San Fransisco Giants will flirt with the record for losses in a season but come up just short
4. Alfonso Soriano will go 40-40 this year
5. Johan Santana will win 25 games this year
6. The Houston Astros will lead the NL in Runs Scored
7. The Houston Astros will lead the NL in Runs Allowed
8. Mark Teixiera will lead the Braves to the wildcard
9. The Philadelphia Phillies will be the disappointment of the NL
10. The Cubs will beat the Mets in the NLCS but lose to the Tigers in World Series

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday, March 29th

Predications for the American League for 2008

1. Boston 1. Detroit 1. Anaheim
2. New York 2. Minnesota 2. Seattle
3. Toronto 3. Cleveland 3. Texas
4. Tampa Bay 4. Chicago 4. Oakland
5. Baltimore 5. Kansas City

Postseason Awards
MVP: Miguel Cabrera
Cy Young: Justin Verlander
Rookie of the Year: Adam Jones
Comeback Player of the Year: Francisco Liriano

10 Bold Predictions
1. Fausto Carmona will have a better year than C.C. Sabathia
2. Francisco Liriano will win 15 games
3. The New York Yankees will not make the playoffs
4. The Minnesota Twins will win the Wild Card
5. Jacoby Ellsbury will spend half the season in AAA
6. Seattle will finish under .500
7. Ozzie Guillen wont make it through the season
8. Dontrelle Willis will lose more than he wins
9. Carlos Gomez will steal 50 bases
10. The Detroit Tigers will win the World Series

Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday, March 28th

Ok i now this is going to go against the grain a little bit but im going to go off on the Twins organization a little bit. I dont normally do something like this because usually i agree with the decisions Ron Gardenhire and the Twins front office makes but i think this one is just plain stupid. Today after the game the Twins optioned Francisco Liriano to Class A Fort Myers which they say is only for a couple of starts. All i know is that his last 2 starts have been better than any Twins starter has posted this whole spring.
9innings pitched
1 run allowed
3 hits allowed
4 walks
12 strikeouts
All i know is he is ready for the season and he should be going north with the Twins. Gardy said he is not ready and needs a couple more starts that is hogwash he is more ready than anyone else. A part of me thinks this is punishment for showing up late, which wasnt his fault, and second for leaving Arizona early last fall. I hope im wrong on that cause thats petty and mean and not looking out for whats best for the ballclub. It wont be a big deal but i really think the Twins can contend and i think by the end of the year Liriano is going to dominate again. So if they miss the playoffs by 2 games they will have nobody to blame but themselves.
Other than that its great that opening day is upon us and everyone is an optomist and to end this i will make one bold prediction this is the last opening day in the next 7 or 8 years that wont be started by Francisco Liriano aka "The Francise"

Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday, March 24th

Here is the 2008 version of your minnesota twins to start with

1. Carlos Gomez CF
2. Joe Mauer C
3. Michael Cuddyer RF
4. Justin Mourneau 1B
5. Delmon Young LF
6. Jason Kubel DH
7. Brenden Harris 2B
8. Mike Lamb 3B
9. Adam Everett

Mike Redmond
Nick Punto
Craig Monroe
Matt Tolbert

1. Livan Hernandez
2. Boof Bonser
3. Kevin Slowey
4. Nick Blackburn
5. Scott Baker

Brian Bass
Matt Guerrier
Juan Rincon
Dennys Reyes
Jesse Crain
Pat Neshek
Joe Nathan

My thoughts on the roster is i agree with it for the most part i think Gomez is going to bring alot of excitement to the team so i was glad he made it. I think it will only be a couple weeks before Liriano is back up and Blackburn is back in Rochester. The only change i would of made is have Philip Humber make it instead of Blackburn i think he outpitched him. But all in all its a pretty good roster and it should be fun to get started.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Liriano still hurt?

i read an interesting article on about how the Twins are worried about Francisco Liriano and if he is lying about how he is. To paraphrase Gardy is wondering if Liriano is still hurting and lying to him about it. He used an example this fall where he said he was going to stay in fall instructional league and the next day he took off. The Twins are wondering if the reason he has struggled so much this spring is because it is still hurting in the elbow. Gardy says he doesnt know that but it worries him because he has lied to him before IE: 2006 when he said he was fine all year and then later saying he was hurting all year.
Im not going to lie im concerned about him because the Twins need Liriano in the future to be all they can be. We have alot of big pitching prospects but none in the league of Liriano. This year i dont care about wins and losses with him i just want to be extra careful to make sure his elbow is sound and not hurting. Even if he sat half the year to get him confidence in his elbow and his pitches is more important than what he will do this year. For the Twins to become the team in '09 and beyond we need Liriano to be that ace we all know he can be. Maybe im just jumping to conclusions but i think its better to be cautious with him then callous and lose him for a long time.

Saturday, March 22nd

I think its pretty much set who will be on the Twins roster to start the season. But that doesnt mean the people that start the season are going to end the season with the Twins. But its always fun to see who makes the team that way you can figure out a Rochester lineup and so on so here is my projections.

CF Carlos Gomez
C Joe Mauer
RF Michael Cuddyer
1b Justin Mourneau
LF Delmon Young
DH Jason Kubel
2b Brenden Harris
3b Mike Lamb
SS Adam Everett

Mike Redmond C
Nick Punto INF
Craig Monroe OF
Brian Buscher INF

1. Livan Hernandez
2. Scott Baker
3. Boof Bonser
4. Francisco Liriano
5. Kevin Slowey

Brian Bass
Dennys Reyes
Matt Guerrier
Jesse Crain
Juan Rincon
Pat Neshek
Joe Nathan

Thats my roster let me knwo what you think

Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday, March 21st

Ive decided to do another Nfl draft projection today since i wont be at my computer tommorrow when i will regularly do one so here goes.
1. Miami- Chris Long DE Virginia
2. St Louis- Jake Long OT Michigan
3. Atlanta- Glenn Dorsey DT LSU
4. Oakland- Darren Mcfadden RB Arkansas
5. Kansas City- Ryan Clady OT Boise St
6. New York Jets- Vernon Gholston DE/LB Ohio State
7. New England- Dominique Rodgers-Cromratie CB Tennessee St
8. Baltimore- Matt Ryan Qb Boston College
9. Cincinnatti- Sedrick Ellis DT USC
10. New Orleans- Leodis McKelvin CB Troy
11. Buffalo- Malcolm Kelly WR Oklahoma
12. Denver- Keith Rivers LB USC
13. Carolina- Chris Williams OT Vanderbilt
14. Chicago- Brian Brohm QB Louisville
15. Detroit- Aqib Talib CB Kansas
16. Arizona- Mike Jenkins CB South Florida
17. Minnesota- Derrick Harvey DE Florida
18. Houston- Brandon Flowers CB Penn ST
19. Philadelpia- Limas Sweed WR TEXAS
20. Tampa Bay- Desean Jackson WR California
21. Washington- Mario Manningham WR Michigan
22. Dallas- Felix Jones RB Arkansas
23. Pittsburgh- Branden Albert OG Virginia
24. Tennessee- James Hardy WR Indiana
25. Seattle- Jeff Otah OT Pittsburgh
26. Jacksonville- Phillip Merling DE Clemson
27. San Diego- Sam Baker OT USC
28. Dallas- Reggie Smith CB Oklahoma
29. San Francisco- Calais Campbell DE Miami
30. Green Bay- Gosder Cherilus OT Boston College
31. New England- Forfeited
32. New York Giants- Kenny Phillips S Miami

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday, March 20th

I listened to the Twins game tonight on the radio and i think some things are getting very obvious for the Twins.
1. Kevin Slowey is going to be in the rotation. Tonight he pitched 5 shutout innings and looked good again its 3 great starts in a row for the guy. In his last 3 starts he has given up only 1 run allowed.
2. Carlos Gomez is going to be the center fielder. He is such an exciting player with 9 stolen bases this spring. The only thing i dont like about him is his attitude. To be all honest he is a hotdog and that doesnt fly with the twins. He will learn to get his attitude in check or he will be back in the minor leagues because the Twins dont stand for it no matter how talented he is.
3. How valuable Joe Nathan is to the team. He pitched 2 innings tonight and just blew away the competition. Good news out of Twins camp is that Nathan and the Twins are closing in on a extension that will keep Joe in a Twins uniform for the near future. He is so important to the future of the Twins that they need to make sure it gets done because he will win alot of games for the Twins this year.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday, March 19th

Today i thought i would write about the Twins Starting Pitching situation. There are alot of question marks on who is going to be in the rotation, who is going to be in the bullpen and who is going to get sent down.
Scott Baker- He is the biggest question mark not because of his talent but because he pulled a back muscle. Right when he was getting ready to come back from that he came down with the flu. Right now he could only throw 50 pitches and that wouldnt cut it so he needs to get his work in and he is running out of time to do it so its 50/50 that he will be in there and 50 percent he will be in the DL.
Livan Hernandez- He has been absoultly awful this spring and he keeps saying that he will be fine when the season starts well i hope so.
Boof Bonser- He has been the most consistant starter this spring and looks like losing that weight has made all the difference.
Francisco Liriano- Its obvious that he is not the same pitcher he was in 2006 yet. But the question is would he be better served learning on the job and working with Rick Anderson every day or stay in Florida for a month and working on his velocity and slider. I think the latter would be better.
Kevin Slowey- He started off really slow this spring getting hit all over the park his first few starts but he has been really solid his last 2 starts and if he keeps it up he will go north.
Philip Humber- He just had his first start of the spring and it was pretty impressive and he was impressive in relief roles and i think he will make the team as a reliever or as a starter if baker and/or liriano doesnt start the season up here.
Nick Blackburn- He has been ok and if they need 2 starters i think he would be one of them but i dont think he has done enough and probably headed to Rochester.
Glen Perkins- Like Blackburn he has been ok just not good enough in my opinion to make the team unless the injured pitchers dont go north.
Brian Bass- He has been very impressive and he is out of options so he is the wildcard that could take Philip Humber's spot so he is one you need to keep your eye on for the rest of the spring.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tuesday, March 18th

im going to go off track a little today and go to football with the nfl draft coming up and the vikings having a big offseason already its time to move forward to that so from now until draft day every tuesday i will be doing a first round mock draft. everyone let me know what you think

1. Miami- Chris Long De Virginia

2. St Louis- Jake Long OT Michigan

3. Atlanta- Matt Ryan QB Boston College

4. Oakland- Darren Mcfadden RB Arkansas

5. Kansas City- Ryan Clady OT Boise St

6. New York Jets- Vernon Gholston DE Ohio ST

7. New England- Leodis McKelvin CB Troy

8. Baltimore- Dominic Rodgers-Cromartie

9. Cincinnatti- Glenn Dorsey DT LSU

10. New Orleans- Keith Rivers OLB USC

11. Buffalo- Malcolm Kelly WR OKlahoma

12. Denver- Sedrick Ellis DT USC

13. Carolina- Chris Williams OT Vanderbilt

14. Chicago- Jeff Otah OT Pittsburgh

15. Detroit- Mike Jenkins CB South Florida

16. Arizona- Felix Jones Rb Arkansas

17. Minnesota- Derrick Harvey DE Florida

18. Houston- Aqib Talib CB Kansas

19. Philadelphia- Limas Sweed WR Texas

20. Tampa Bay- Desean Jackson WR California

21. Washington- Kenny Phillips S Miami

22. Dallas- Brandon Flowers CB Virginia Tech

23. Pittsburgh- Branden Albert OG Virginia

24. Tennessee- James Hardy WR Indiana

25. Seattle- Kentwan Balmer DT North Carolina

26. Jacksonville- Phillip Merling DE Clemson

27. San Diego- Gosder Cherilus OT Boston College

28. Dallas- Jonathan Stewart RB Oregon

29. San Francisco- Mario Manningham WR Michigan

30. Green Bay- Sam Baker OT USC

31. New England- Forfeited

32. New York Giants- Dan Conner OLB Penn St.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday, March 17th

I hope people are not getting to excited about Francisco Liriano's struggles this spring he will be fine eventually. But from what i have seen and what i have heard he is just not ready to help the major league team yet. I think the best thing for him is go to the minors to start the season and when he can get his velocity up a little bit and throw his slider then bring it up. I think the worst thing the twins could do is bring him up north before he is ready and have him get shelled. His future is limitless so be patient with him and give him some time in the minors.
The question is if you send Liriano to the minors who do you put in his spot in the rotation. The leading contenders are Blackburn and Humber. I would of said Perkins but i think he is going to the bullpen to start the season. Tommorrow should be interesting since Philip Humber is getting a start against the Orioles. He has had good stats against backups so it will be interesting to see how he does against starter players. My personal opinion is he is a better pitcher but until after tommorrow Blackburn is in the lead and it will be a battle to the end of spring.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday, March 16th

Here we are less than 3 weeks away from the season opener and i believe the roster is starting to take shape. I watched the game today and i must say im a little concerned about Livan Hernandez the more i see him the more i think he wont be able to get American League hitters out with his 83 mile per hour fastball. There is a reason he has spent his whole career in the National League its because they are lesser hitters and free outs with the pitchers. I hope im wrong but i think he will be gone by the all star break.
Other than that i have been impressed with some players this spring and there is some battles that will come down to the last week but i think we have a pretty good idea who is going to win those jobs and ill break it down for you.

2b- I think it is pretty clear Brenden Harris is going to be the starting 2nd baseman. I know he hasnt hit alot this spring but Punto is much more valuable as a utility man cause he can play anywhere and i think Harris will hit.
CF- This is a little more clouded since Denard Span has had a pretty good spring,but i think Carlos Gomez brings to much to the plate. His speed changes the game for the twins. Just look at the situation starting with his first at bat he bunted for a hit, stole 2nd and they threw it into center to go to 3rd and scored on a mauer hit. if he can get on base 40 percent of the time he will steal atleast 50 bases this year. The difference between the 2 is Gomez is a better baserunner and better centerfielder with a stronger arm.
5th starter job- The cream always come to the top and Kevin Slowey has really done well his last couple starts and if he keeps it up he will take the 5th starter job. Blackburn and Perkins are waiting in the wings if should falter and one of them will end up being the 12th pitcher, but i would give the edge to Perkins because he would give us the 2 lefty's in the bullpen. Because Reyes is good but when he pitches to much he gets worn down and thats why we should keep perkins.
25th man- I think this battle is between Buscher and Garrett Jones and i would give the slight edge to Jones not only on performance and also because he is out of options and i think thats the best way to go.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

3/15 projected lineup

CF Gomez
C Mauer
RF Cuddyer
1b Mourneau
LF Young
3b Lamb
2b Harris
DH Kubel
ss Everett

Redmond c
Punto inf
Monroe of
Jones of/inf

Pitchers w/o baker and liriano
1.Hernandez 1. Hernandez
2.Baker 2. Bonser
3.Bonser 3. Slowey
4.Liriano 4. Perkins
5.Slowey 5. Blackburn

Perkins Humber
Guerrier Guerrier
Crain Crain
Rincon Rincon
Reyes Reyes
Neshek Neshek
Nathan Nathan

everyone let me know what you think

Saturday, March 15th

I watched the Twins today and Kevin Slowey was very impressive today going 4 innings and giving up 2 hits and 1 run to take the lead for the 5th starter Job. Also Carlos Gomez was very impressive today going 3-4 with a HR and 2 stolen Bases. I know there are some people that might Disagree with me but i think Gomez is getting better and better every day and he should be the starting center fielder to start the season. If he is not ready you can send him down anytime and keep him out of Super 2 status. Denard Span has not done anything this spring to tell me that he should be in instead of Gomez. He has been solid but nothing spectacular and going into Spring Season i thought he had to beat out Gomez and i dont think he has done that. There are 13 games left this spring and whoever does better those 13 games should be the one who should be in center to start the season.
The more i think about what is best for the team if he continues to impress Glen Perkins should be in the bullpen and the 12th Pitcher with Humber and Blackburn starting at Rochester. Alot depends if Baker and Liriano start the season with the Twins.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday, March 14th

Yesterday, Jesse Crain got hit by a line drive in the knee while pitching in a minor league game. Hopefully it is not serious and he can get back to pitching for twins very soon. The Twins lost a tough 3-1 game to the Orioles yesterday in which Nick Blackburn struggled in his first start this spring for the Twins. That 5th starter position has not been very good this spring with none of the contenders really pitching very good. just look at the stats:

Kevin Slowey: 2 starts 1-0 8.10 era 6.2 innings with 15 hits and 6 runs

Glen Perkins: 2 starts 1-1 6.75 era 8.0 innings with 12 hits and 6 runs

Nick Blackburn: 1 start 0-1 3.86 7.0 innings with 3 hits and 3 runs
Right now i would say the favorite is Blackburn but its way too early to say because none of them have really earned the spot and they each will still have 2-3 starts left to win that job so it will be interesting who will take it.
In center Field it looks very similiar to the 5th starter job that nobody is ready to take the position. Carlos Gomez is only hitting .148 while Denard Span is hitting a robust .227. Neither one of them have done anything to seperate themselves and i think the twins should seriously consider going with Craig Monroe in Center and keep Jason Pridie as the 4th outfielder because its pretty obvious the other 2 are not ready to be in the major leagues right now. They would have Monroe's bat in the lineup and they could replace him with Pridie late in games for defense if thats what they want to do i think its worth considering.
Today, the Twins face Pittsburgh in Fort Myers today with Boof Bonser making his 3rd of the spring. He has probably had the best spring of all our pitchers so hopefully he can keep it going today and someone will step up in center field.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday, March 13th

The Twins lost a tough one yesterday to Boston 12-7 in which Carlos Gomez went o-3 to lower his batting average to .148. Im getting more and more convinced that he should start the season in Rochester. I dont know if Denard Span is the answer in center but i think he is the best option for the time being. If Gomez goes down and shows he can do it you can bring him back up in may and its no big deal. I just think it would be a mistake to push Gomez and thats what they would be doing if he starts the season with the Twins.
I was reading the Star Tribune today and i read an article by Patrick Reusse, and it made me think. I've read the star trib sports section religiously since i could read and i have read many of his articles and to be honest im sick and tired of the regativity in his articles. He never has anything good to say about anybody and he always says every sports teams in Minnesota suck and there is no hope. I understand he is trying to sell papers, but come on, the Twins are not as bad as he makes it out to be. I would be shocked to read anything good about the Twins in his column. Anyone have any comments on that article post them here.
Today the Twins travel to Fort Lauderdale to face the Baltimore Orioles with Nick Blackburn having a very import start for the Twins. The way it is now hes the favorite to be the 5th starter because he has been solid all spring and now he gets a chance to start and see how he does. Denard Span gets the start in center today hopefully its a sign of things to come

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Francisco Liriano's 2nd start

Before anybody jumps to any conclusions when they see Liriano's line today keep in mind its his 3rd and 4th innings in 18 months. Granted he wasnt great today in 2+ innings today he gave up 4 hits and 3 runs with 2 walks and 1 strikeout. However, i believe its going to be a work in progress with him all year. I truly believe if your going to get him your going to get him in the first half of the season. I think by the end of the year he will be the same lights out pitcher he was in '06, but if you think he is going to be dominant right away your fooling yourself. Right now he is a #4 or 5 pitcher and just let him improve and improve because by the end of the season the patience will be rewarded and the man they call the Franchise will be back the way we remember him.

Wednesday, March 12th

Today an interesting occurance happened when Gardy announced that Jason Pridie is out of the running for the starting cf job. I was really surprised by that because i thought he was having a decent spring. The battle now goes to Span vs Gomez which should be very interesting considering neither one is really hitting very good this spring with gomez only hitting .167 and Span .273. I think this could last until the last few days of spring training. I think Gomez is going to get the nod but i dont have alot of confidence in it with the way he has been hitting and his lack of effort at times.
Today in Fort Myers The Twins battle the Red Sox in the final battle for the Mayor's cup each team has won 2 games and this is the deciding game. Francisco Liriano gets his second start today vs Clay Buchholz. This is an important start for Liriano as he is trying to get a good feel for his slider and try to get his velocity up a bit. This should be a marquee pitching matchup for years to come because each has a very bright future in baseball. For the first time this spring the Twins have their regular lineup in and thats good news for Carlos Gomez. He gets the start today and if it means what i think it means i think he's in the lead to be the starting centerfielder on opening day.
Another announcement out of Twins camp is Livan Hernandez is more than likely going to be the starter on opening night. I dont have a problem with it because why put more pressure on the young guys when he has made 8 opening day starts and he understands the pressure. The big thing is after the first start every pitcher pitches every 5 days so there really is not an order. Lets get excited Twins fans because situations are being settled and we are getting closer and closer to opening day.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday, March 11th

First off i want to give a shoutout to Seth Speaks he has a really interested article about the Cf battle from 7 different perspectives. Twins fans you should check it out its very interesting thing to read.
Yesterday the Twins won over the Marlins 4-2 with an ok start by Kevin Slowey. he pitched 3 innings and gave up 6 hits but no runs. A bad start yesterday probably would of eliminated him from any possibility of making the team. It wasnt great and he needs to really improve on that cause there are some guys that have been impressive this spring especially Blackburn and Humber so he needs to watch it.
Another guy that i have been really impressed with this spring is Randy Ruiz. He is a 30 year old career minor leaguer who just got to the Twins organization. His career says he will cool down but he is having quite a spring and if theres an injury dont be surprised to see him with the Twins some time this year.
Today the Twins face the Tampa Bay Rays with Livan Hernandez getting the start today. He needs to improve on his last start when he got shelled for 6 runs in 3 innings. Hopefully we will get some clarity on some of the other position battles going on.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Cf battle

The twins have an interesting decision coming up in the coming weeks with deciding between Carlos Gomez, Denard Span, and Jason Pridie. To be honest none of the three of done anything worth writing home about. Just look at the stats of the three.
Carlos Gomez .167 average with 3 rbi's,4 runs scored and 3 stolen bases

Denard Span: .214 average with 1 rbi's,3 runs scored and 2 stolen bases

Jason Pridie: .238 average with 3 rbi's,4 runs scored and 2 stolen bases
Just looking at the numbers none of them really have deserved to be iin the majors. But i think we would be best served to put Carlos Gomez out there everyday. The reasons i believe that is because of his speed. Speed doesnt go in a slump and he can bunt for hits and steal bases and he plays a good centerfield. I thought going into spring that it was his to lose and the other 2 guys really havent stepped up to take it away from him. There are still 3 weeks left and anything can still happen but those 2 need to start stepping up pronto.

Twins VS Marlins

Monday, March 10th

All i am is a twins fan and i didnt ask anyone to visit my site. I just like to write what i think of the twins and whats going on. I am not an english major and if my grammer is a problem for you you probably should not be on my site im sure there are others that use better grammer. However if you want to hear Twins talk with a die hard Twin fans' perspective than by all means visit my site and enjoy cause im not going to change. I enjoy to write about the Twins and if some people have a problem with how i write thats their problem. Thats all i have to say about that.
In more exciting news the Twins visit the Florida Marlins today with Kevin Slowey taking the mound with nick blackburn, philip humber, and pat neshek in relief. Carlos Gomez is in the lineup today so hopefully he get a little more consistant at the plate and in his effort. Ill have more after the game.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday, March 9th

A guy that not alot of people talk about with the hope that Francise comes back to form and Livian Hernandez can get some people out has been the emergence of Scott Baker to Ace status. I will admit myself i was starting to lose faith in him with his insistance to throw the high pitch. Just because it works in the minor leagues doesnt mean it is going to work up here cause the hitters are much better. But he finally listened to the coaches and last year put up a very solid year and i believe he is the most solid pitcher we have right now and deserves to start on opening day. It wasnt always good for him though he came up as a heralded prospect but bounced up and down from Rochester to the Twins and vice versa because seemed like he would dominate in Rochester and come up here and get drilled. Like i said something clicked for him last year and he had a very solid year and he's only 26 years old and has a bright future with the Twins. but as the can see it wasnt always easy for him look at the stats he put up.
2004 high A 4-2 2.42
AA 5-3 2.43
AAA1-3 4.97
2005 AAA5-8 3.01
twins3-3 3.35
2006 AAA5-4 2.67
twins5-8 6.37
2007 AAA 3-2 3.16
twins9-9 4.26

As you can see he has dominated the hitters in the minor leagues but wasnt able to put it together until last year where he had a solid year. But knowing him he can do so much better i expect a much better year this year i think he has a shot to win 15 games this year with a ERA in the 3's he reminds me so much of a young Brad Radke with better stuff. I think with all the adversity Scott has been through he will be a better pitcher for it and him and Francise will lead the twins back to the central division titles much like Radke and Santana did.

what do you think of my page

trying to get feedback on what i can do to improve my page what you like,what you dont like let me know.

Yankees vs Twins

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Twins vs Pirates

im doing something new every twins spring game where anyone can comment on the game and who they like and how they are doing. looking forward to it.

Beloit Lineup

CDanny Lehman
1b Rene Leveret
2b Chris Cates
ss estarlin de los Santos
3b Deibinson Romero
lf Rene Tosoni
cf Ben Revere
rf Danny Santiesteban
dh Ozzie Lewis

1.Mike Mccardel
2.David Bromberg
3.Micheal Allen
4.Micheal Tasi
5.henry reyes

bradley tippett
danny hernandez
curtis leavitt
brian kirwann
Loek Van Mil
Dan Latham
Danny Rondon
another good team with alot of prospects let by Ben Revere who will be awesome and up to ft myers before long.

Fort Myers miracle lineup

C Wilson Ramos
1b Johnny Woodward
2b Brian Dinkelmon
ss Steve Singelton
3b Danny Valencia
Lf Edward Ovalle
cf Joe Benson
Rf Chris Parmalee
DH Whit Robbins

1.Jeff Manship
2.Deolis Guerra
3.Tyler Robertson
4.Alex Burnett
5.Cole Devries

Anthony slama
Dan Leatherman
matt wiliams
Aaron Craig
Caleb Moore
Blair Erickson
Spencer steedley

another good lineup but the pitching is going to be phenomenal look at those starters those are a big part of my top 10 and they will be a reason the miracle have a good season.

New Britian Lineup

C Drew Butera
1b Brock Peterson
2b Matt Moses
SS Trevor Plouffe
3b David Winfree
Lf Juan Portes
CF Brandon Roberts
RF Dustin Martin
DH Erik Lis

Korey Feiner C
Kyle Geiger c
Steve Tolleson inf
Luke Hughes
Dwayne White

1.Anthony Swarzak
2.Ryan Mullins
3.Oswaldo Sosa
4.Kyle Waldrop
5. Jay Raineville

Robert Delaney
Frank Mata
David Shinkskie
Yohan Pino
Zack Ward
Errol Simonstich
Matt Fox

There are alot of good prospects here and if some of these pitchers can develop the twins are looking good at new britain.

Rochester Lineup

heres a lineup based on my twins lineup
C Jose Morales
1bRandy Ruiz
2bTommy Watkins
ss Alexi Casilla
3b Matt Macri
lf Jon Knott
cf Denard Span
rf Jason Pridie
dh Brian Buscher

Eli Whitside C
Howie Clark INF
Darnell Mcdonald OF
Doug Deeds inf
Matt Tolbert inf

1. Glen Perkins
2. Kevin Slowey
3. Kevin Mulvey
4. Brian Duesing
5. Brian Bass

Randy Keisler
Julio Depaula
Casey Daigle
Ricky Barrett
Jay SAwarkski
Jason Miller
Bobby Koreky

anyone with any thoughts let me know

Saturday, March 8th

I have already done one but every saturday until the opener im going to put a projected twins roster up and see how much it changes for me from week to week and anyone disagrees let me know.
1. Carlos Gomez cf
2. Joe Mauer C
3. Micheal Cuddyer RF
4. Justin Mourneau 1b
5. Delmon Young LF
6. Mike Lamb 3b
7. Brenden Harris 2b
8. Jason Kubel DH
9. Adam Everett ss

Mike Redmond C
Nick Punto INF
Craig Monroe OF/DH
Garrett Jones OF

1.Scott Baker
2.Boof Bonser
3.Francisco Liriano
4.Livian Hernandez
5.Philip Humber

Nick Blackburn
Dennys Reyes
Matt Guerrier
Juan Rincon
Jesse Crain
Pat Neshek
Joe Nathan

Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday, March 7th

First off i want to say i was impressed with Francise today for being his first start in 18 months his changup was good and his velocity will pick up and i believe his slider will come around. he gave up 2 hits and 0 runs in 1 and 2/3 innings and threw 40 pitches but its a good start.
Next i want to go through some of the position battles and say who i think is winning so far.
2b Punto vs Harris
neither one is really hitting very good to be honest and both will be on the team this spring punto is hitting .111 while harris is hitting a robust .083 this spring. I know harris is not hitting well now but i think he will be at 2b on opening day.
gomez vs Pridie vs Span
This battle i think is going to go on until the end of spring training because none of them are really taking the bull by the horns and earning the spot one day one guy has a good game and the next nothing and vice versa. so far this spring span is hitting .200, pridie is hitting .308 and gomez is hitting .235. I have actually changed my mind on this im gong with gomez because of the excitement he can bring to the team. Of course he will have his o fors but his defense and speed will put him in cf on opening day
Buscher vs Jones
This is an interesting battle i think Buscher has outplayed Jones but Garrett Jones is out of options and the Twins dont want to lose him so im thinking he will make the team out of spring training especailly with that memorable hr off chamberlian. Buscher has had a good spring so far hitting .375 to Jones' .182 but on opening day i think garrett jones will be there.
5th starter job
Kevin Slowey i think is still a favorite to get the job but he is not producing this spring with a 14.71 era and if he doesnt pick it up he wont make it but there is still time. The guys that have been making up ground are Nick Blackburn and Philip Humber along with Glen Perkins.
humber 0 runs in 4 innings after a bad game vs concordia and blackburn 0 runs in 3 innings when its all said an done i think Philip Humber is going to be the 5th starter with Nick Blackburn making the team in the bullpen.
its really early but those are some of the early results this spring see if they change.

Friday, March 7th

Top 50 prospects

im going to do a top 50 prospects with a few small tweaks and if they have 130 ab's or 50 innings they are out.
1.Deolis Guerra
2.Carlos Gomez
3.Tyler Robertson
4.Kevin Mulvey
5.Anthony Swarzak
6.Ben Revere
7.Jeff Manship
8.Trevor Plouffe
9.Philip Humber
10.Joe Benson
11.Glen Perkins
12.Brian Duensing
13.Chris Parmalee
14.Danny Valencia
15.Oswaldo Sosa
16.Nick Blackburn
17.Jason Pridie
18.Jay Rainville
19.Alex Burnett
20.Erik Lis
21.Wilson Ramos
22.Deibinson Romero
23.David Bromberg
24.Brock Peterson
25.Mike Mccardel
26.David Winfree
27.Ryan Mullins
28.Yohan Pino
29.Dustin Martin
30.Kyle Waldrop
31.Denard Span
32.Danny Rams
33.Juan Portes
34.Brian Dinkelman
35.Rene Tosoni
36.Brandon Roberts
37.Ozzie Lewis
38.Angel Morales
39.Matt Tolbert
40.Matt Macri
41.Micheal Tarsi
42.Dan Berlind
43.Jose Mijares
44.Cole Devries
45.Jose Morales
46.Brian Buscher
47.Drew Butera
48.Matt Moses
49.Zack Ward
50.Brad Tippett
heres my list everyone let me know what you think

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Orioles vs Twins thoughts

Today the Twins hosted the Baltimore Orioles in Fort Myers and won the game 8-7 to bring their spring record to 4-3 and win their 4th straight win there were alot of positives and only a few negatives today and here they are.
Delmon Young- Delmon continues to mash the ball going 3-3 with 2 rbi's to bring his spring batting average up to a robust .615. Talk about making an impression the more i see of him the more im liking him he is a monster. I look for him to put up great numbers this year and in the future look out for him i think he is going to put mourneau to shame with his numbers which is saying something all i have to say to look out.
Craig Monroe- Craig came back from a minor calf injury with a 2 run single in the first to help the teams cause. Craig really bounced back and im happy for him cause if he can hit he will really help the team in late game situations when you need that big hit off your bench so today was a big day for him.
Alexei Casilla- Every game i see him play the more impressed im getting with him he has shown alot of improvement over last year in my opinion. he went 1-2 with a walk today and played good defense. He will probably start the season in Rochester but if Everett struggles dont be shocked to see him in a Twins uniform early in the season.
Mike Lamb- Lamber is really solidifying his starting 3rd baseman job this spring hitting the ball all over the park today he hit an rbi double and was 2-3 and is hitting .400 this spring and looks like he is going to be the guy at third this season.
Twins Bullpen- they did a good job today especially Juan Rincon he is really stepping up to make last year a thing of the past.

Livian Hernandez- I dont know what to say except wow did he get hammered today. 3 in 10h 6r, but he is a veteran and he can bounce back from something like this. With Hernandez you know what your getting when his junk is not working his 85 mile per hour fastball is very hittable and there will be days like this. However you know what your getting him for is the innings and he will have more good starts than bad ones and i believe next time he will be effective.
Adam Everett- he went 0-3 today with 5 guys left on base. the reason we got him was for defense but hes only hitting .125 and with the way casilla is playing maybe the twins might consider cutting him. I dont know all im saying is he needs to step it up im not expecting 300 but 250 would be nice with that defense.
Overall many good things and anytime you win it was a good day, but there were a few things that were disappointing Pirdie had a chance to solidify his claim on cf and Hernandez could of made the questions go away but they didnt. The great thing about spring training is its long and the questions and battles usually have a way of working themselves out and hopefully this will too.

Thursday, March 6th

One of the biggest battles in spring training is the 5th starter job and by the way Kevin Slowey has looked so far he has opened the job open to a few guys. Dont get me wrong there is a long time before the opener but if he doesnt pick it up soon he will be on the outside looking in and based on that here are the contenders and how they are doing so far.

Philip Humber- 2 games 2in 1 hit 0 runs he didnt look good in the scrimmage against concordia but he has looked solid since and has put him back in the race for the 5th spot.
Nick Blackburn- 2 games 2 and a third innings 1 hit 0 runs he is the one who has really impressed me so far. Last year in a late callup he didnt look so good but i believe he is winning a job with a twins this spring if he keeps it up.
Glen Perkins- 2 games 3 innings pitched 6 hits 4 runs he has not looked good at all this spring if its possible he has looked worse than slowey and is costing himself a spot with the twins so he needs to step it up.
I think it is down to those 3 for the final spot saying that Liriano can start the season in the rotation. Like i said though its only march 6th there is a lot of baseball to be played and many more opprotunitys for these guys to impress the twins and find a way to make the team.
Today the Twins host Baltimore Orioles and should get a look at new oriole Adam Jones Livian Hernandez gets the start and looks like the return of Craig Monroe will happen today so it should be an interesting game at noon today.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wednesday, March 5th

Today was a good day the first twins game i have been able to watch on TV and it was good too see because the Twins won 7-5 there was many positives a few negatives from the game but all and all im pretty happy with how the game went and here are some of good and the bad.

Delmon Young- I was really impressed with Delmon he hit his first home run of the spring and was 2-3 on the day and made a tough catch in the outfield with a tough sun. Like i have been saying im really excited about him this year i think its possible he could h ave a massive season im talking torii hunter numbers and that would be huge for the twins.
Alexei Casilla- I was also impressed with Alexei he looks very much improved from last season he went 2-3 and made some nice plays defensivly. I really believe in 2009 Alexei Casilla is going to be the starting SS.
Brian Buscher-I may be a broken record on the Buscher fan club but he looks much more improved. And look at him looks like he put on 15 lbs of muscle on him. i think he has a good shot to make the team going 1-2 and lining out for his out but i think he will be on the team.
Garrett Jones- I have been hard on him this spring but he really hit that home run today off Chamberlin well. Its going to be a great battle between him and buscher for that last roster spot.
Jason Pridie- I was really impressed with Jason today it was the first time i had seen him play and he looked phenomenal. he had 2 hits and stole a base and scored a run. I think him and span are going neck and neck for the cf job and could go either way.
Carlos Gomez- Today was not one of carlos' best days went 0-5 at the plate made a horrible throw to home and misjudged a fly ball. They kept saying on ESPN how they think the Twins are going to keep him but i dont see it he is very talented but he has a lot to learn and time down in Rochester will do him good.
Kevin Slowey- Kevin looked like a very average pitcher giving up 3 runs on 5 hits in 2 innings leaving the ball up and getting hit hard. Thats 2 bad starts in a row this is not how you win a job and if he is not careful he is going to start the season in Rochester. That is something that i didnt think was going to happen at the beginning of the spring but is looking more and more likely wiht the way Blackburn has been pitching and Humber in his last outing. All I have to say is Kevin Slowey better pick it up or he wont start the season with the twins.
Jose Morales- He didnt have a very good day today either. He looked lost at the plate and made a horrible baserunning decision to try to go to third that may of been on Scotty Ulger but whoever mad that decision that was horrible.
Overall i was very impressed with the Twins and its getting me more and more excited about the upcoming season.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tuesday, March 4th

This is the first of many updates on what i think is going to happen in cf for the twins this spring because things change by the day with them lets compare what they have done so far.
  • Gomez-2-8 2 runs scored and 2 rbi's along with 2 stolen bases and many nice defensive plays in the outfield.
  • Span-2-7 2 runs scored and 1 stolen bases with a few nice plays in the outfield and a more professional approach than he had last year.
  • Pridie-3-9 1 run scored and 1 stolen bases with a few nice plays in the outfield and an ability to play anywhere.
So far Pridie has impressed me alot but my thinking is he is going to challenge Monroe for the 4th outfield job since he can play all over and spell young and cuddyer in lf and rf. My general feeling is its going to come down to gomez and span and right now i give a slight advantage to span but without a lot of confidence in that. I still think for many reasons gomez could use some more time in Rochester but it wouldnt suprise me if he is up here to start the season. The bigger issue with Monroe knicked up a little bit can Pridie beat him out for the 4th outfielder job. Keeping Pridie instead of Monroe would save about 3 million its not about saving money but Monroe should not stay just because he has a bigger name i believe he has to win that spot and he may still but it should be interesting. The Twins travel to st petersburg today to take on the Rays wiht Boof Pitching today should be an interesting afternoon with Span getting the start.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday, March 3rd

i could get into the fact that the twins had a good day yesterday with getting their first win andd jason pridie having a big day at the plate and Livian Hernandez having a good outing or The Francise having a good bullpen session but there is something more important for me to write about.
I have blogged about this before but its getting serious time the Twins absoultley need to get Joe Nathan signed he is to important to the future of the Twins. We have a few guys that probably could get the job done but that would hurt the bullpen and in turn hurt the starters cause you may see them throw more innings because lack of bullpen. I dont think Joe Nathan is being unreasonable in his contract demands just look at his numbers the last 4 years
2004 73 games 1.62 era and 44 saves
2005 69 games 2.70 era and 43 saves
2006 64 games 1.58 era and 36 saves
2007 68 games 1.88 era and 37 saves
You can put that up against any other closer in the league and in my opinion Joe has no equals at his position Mariano Rivera is on the downside and the closest is frankie rodriguez but he is not quite there. Look at what Francisco Cordero got from the reds 4 years 46 million and he cant hold Joe Nathan's jockstrap. I mean seriously this is getting serious the twins have about 3 weeks to get this done and mark my words if they dont get it done and they have to trade him at the deadline they will regret it for years to come. So my opinion give him 4 for 48 get it signed and not have to worry about the bullpen for 4 years. Im starting to get concerned about this but do whatever you have to short of a no-trade clause to get him signed. The twins are at a crossroads in their bullpen i just ask they make the right decision and sign Joe Nathan.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday, March 1st

Twins lost another one last night to the Red Sox 8-3. I found there was some good signs and some not to good signs from last night.
Lets start with good Brian Buscher continued his roll early in camp with a HR and a nice defensive play. I may be in the minority but i think Buscher is coming north with the twins.
2. Carlos Gomez there is good and bad he threw out a runner at the plate with his rocket of an arm,but also threw to the wrong base and allowed a runner to advance. Carlos is so talented that he thinks he can throw out anyone and he needs to learn to hit the cutoff man and live to fight another day.
3. Boof Bonser pitched 2 good innings only giving up 1 hit. I think Boof is going to be one of the most improved pitchers on the team along with baker.
4. The one negative to come out of last night was Kevin Slowey he gave up 3 runs in 2 innings and was getting the ball up and gave up a homer to youkillious. Slowey needs to get the ball down to be effective because he doesnt have liriano gas so he needs to hit his spots and get the ball down. It opens up an opprotunity to some other people lets see how blackburn pitches today. Dont get the wrong idea slowey is still in the race but he cant have many more games like he did yesterday or he will find himself in Rochester