Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday, March 19th

Today i thought i would write about the Twins Starting Pitching situation. There are alot of question marks on who is going to be in the rotation, who is going to be in the bullpen and who is going to get sent down.
Scott Baker- He is the biggest question mark not because of his talent but because he pulled a back muscle. Right when he was getting ready to come back from that he came down with the flu. Right now he could only throw 50 pitches and that wouldnt cut it so he needs to get his work in and he is running out of time to do it so its 50/50 that he will be in there and 50 percent he will be in the DL.
Livan Hernandez- He has been absoultly awful this spring and he keeps saying that he will be fine when the season starts well i hope so.
Boof Bonser- He has been the most consistant starter this spring and looks like losing that weight has made all the difference.
Francisco Liriano- Its obvious that he is not the same pitcher he was in 2006 yet. But the question is would he be better served learning on the job and working with Rick Anderson every day or stay in Florida for a month and working on his velocity and slider. I think the latter would be better.
Kevin Slowey- He started off really slow this spring getting hit all over the park his first few starts but he has been really solid his last 2 starts and if he keeps it up he will go north.
Philip Humber- He just had his first start of the spring and it was pretty impressive and he was impressive in relief roles and i think he will make the team as a reliever or as a starter if baker and/or liriano doesnt start the season up here.
Nick Blackburn- He has been ok and if they need 2 starters i think he would be one of them but i dont think he has done enough and probably headed to Rochester.
Glen Perkins- Like Blackburn he has been ok just not good enough in my opinion to make the team unless the injured pitchers dont go north.
Brian Bass- He has been very impressive and he is out of options so he is the wildcard that could take Philip Humber's spot so he is one you need to keep your eye on for the rest of the spring.