Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday, March 3rd

i could get into the fact that the twins had a good day yesterday with getting their first win andd jason pridie having a big day at the plate and Livian Hernandez having a good outing or The Francise having a good bullpen session but there is something more important for me to write about.
I have blogged about this before but its getting serious time the Twins absoultley need to get Joe Nathan signed he is to important to the future of the Twins. We have a few guys that probably could get the job done but that would hurt the bullpen and in turn hurt the starters cause you may see them throw more innings because lack of bullpen. I dont think Joe Nathan is being unreasonable in his contract demands just look at his numbers the last 4 years
2004 73 games 1.62 era and 44 saves
2005 69 games 2.70 era and 43 saves
2006 64 games 1.58 era and 36 saves
2007 68 games 1.88 era and 37 saves
You can put that up against any other closer in the league and in my opinion Joe has no equals at his position Mariano Rivera is on the downside and the closest is frankie rodriguez but he is not quite there. Look at what Francisco Cordero got from the reds 4 years 46 million and he cant hold Joe Nathan's jockstrap. I mean seriously this is getting serious the twins have about 3 weeks to get this done and mark my words if they dont get it done and they have to trade him at the deadline they will regret it for years to come. So my opinion give him 4 for 48 get it signed and not have to worry about the bullpen for 4 years. Im starting to get concerned about this but do whatever you have to short of a no-trade clause to get him signed. The twins are at a crossroads in their bullpen i just ask they make the right decision and sign Joe Nathan.