Monday, March 10, 2008

Cf battle

The twins have an interesting decision coming up in the coming weeks with deciding between Carlos Gomez, Denard Span, and Jason Pridie. To be honest none of the three of done anything worth writing home about. Just look at the stats of the three.
Carlos Gomez .167 average with 3 rbi's,4 runs scored and 3 stolen bases

Denard Span: .214 average with 1 rbi's,3 runs scored and 2 stolen bases

Jason Pridie: .238 average with 3 rbi's,4 runs scored and 2 stolen bases
Just looking at the numbers none of them really have deserved to be iin the majors. But i think we would be best served to put Carlos Gomez out there everyday. The reasons i believe that is because of his speed. Speed doesnt go in a slump and he can bunt for hits and steal bases and he plays a good centerfield. I thought going into spring that it was his to lose and the other 2 guys really havent stepped up to take it away from him. There are still 3 weeks left and anything can still happen but those 2 need to start stepping up pronto.

Twins VS Marlins

Monday, March 10th

All i am is a twins fan and i didnt ask anyone to visit my site. I just like to write what i think of the twins and whats going on. I am not an english major and if my grammer is a problem for you you probably should not be on my site im sure there are others that use better grammer. However if you want to hear Twins talk with a die hard Twin fans' perspective than by all means visit my site and enjoy cause im not going to change. I enjoy to write about the Twins and if some people have a problem with how i write thats their problem. Thats all i have to say about that.
In more exciting news the Twins visit the Florida Marlins today with Kevin Slowey taking the mound with nick blackburn, philip humber, and pat neshek in relief. Carlos Gomez is in the lineup today so hopefully he get a little more consistant at the plate and in his effort. Ill have more after the game.