Friday, March 25, 2011

Utility Decision

With the spring season coming to the end next week it is likely the final decisions for the Twins needs to be made. More than likely 22-23 of the roster decisions are decided so it is just those couple of decisions that have to be decided. I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the final roster spots and how I think it will turn out.

  • Utility spot: Luke Hughes vs Matt Tolbert- If you would have asked me this question a week to ten days ago I would have said it would be Hughes in a landslide. However, as the spring has unfolded and the Twins have saw more and more of pitchers that will start the season in major league uniforms Hughes' numbers have plummeted. He has gotten plenty of playing time as his 63 spring at bats would attest to. He went a stretch where he did not get a hit in four straight games and with Gardy wanting to see more of him he has been playing most of the game so thats some serious at bats. He hit his team leading sixth homerun of the spring yesterday along with his team leading fifteen rbi's. However, he has seen his average plummet to a high in the .350's to now just .254. On the other hand Matt Tolbert has put together a Matt Tolbert type of spring. He is Mr. Steady in that he will not put up good numbers, but he will work his butt off and he can play four to five positions so he is very versatile. He is called Nick Punto Jr. for a reason by people as he does a lot of the same things that Punto did except his defense is not in Punto's class. He actually has hit better this spring than he normally will as he is hitting .306 in 36 at bats. At the end of the day this decision is tougher than I thought it would be as Tolbert has caught up to Hughes with Luke's struggles the last week to ten days. Then there is Tolbert is great defensively compared to Hughes so that has to come into account. I could change my mind before cut day on Wednesday, but my pick is Luke Hughes slightly and here is my reason why. The Twins lineup is very lefthanded and when teams bring in a tough lefty the twins are handicapped. So by having a guy like Hughes on the bench it will allow Gardy to bring gardy to bring Hughes off the besch to get a big hit. Tommorrow I will discuss the big bullpen decision so check back tommorrow.

  • Today, the Twins face the Orioles in Fort Myers and Scott Baker gets the start for the Twins as he tried to get ready for the start of the season. Gametime is at 12:05