Sunday, February 24, 2008

Twins Prospects 11-20

11.Joe Benson
12.Wilson Ramos
13.Brian Duesing
14.Chris Parmalee
15.Danny Valencia
16.Oswaldo Sosa
17. Nick Blackburn
18.Jason Pridie
19.Jay Rainville
20.Alex Burnett

Sunday, Febuary 24th

Not a whole lot to report today they are in the early stages of workouts but i do have a couple things to report.
1. accordingl to Twins insider Lavelle E. Neal III "Deolis Guerra threw off the mound and was he impressive. he throws hard and has a good changeup while hes developing his curveball." The thing about him is he is only 18 years old and i am really excited about him because i truly believe in 2-3 years if your patient with him you have the stud we needed to get for santana.
2. Another cool thing i found was in Joe christensen's column about the Tshirts made up by Micheal Cuddyer. on the front it said
Goal: 162+
(No Excuses)

on the back it says

that was really exciting it just shows you that the twins still believe that they can have a great team this year and really thats what it is all about them believing cause us fans will believe if they believe. I cant tell you how excited im getting for tuesdays first game it should be exciting.