Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tuesday, March 4th

This is the first of many updates on what i think is going to happen in cf for the twins this spring because things change by the day with them lets compare what they have done so far.
  • Gomez-2-8 2 runs scored and 2 rbi's along with 2 stolen bases and many nice defensive plays in the outfield.
  • Span-2-7 2 runs scored and 1 stolen bases with a few nice plays in the outfield and a more professional approach than he had last year.
  • Pridie-3-9 1 run scored and 1 stolen bases with a few nice plays in the outfield and an ability to play anywhere.
So far Pridie has impressed me alot but my thinking is he is going to challenge Monroe for the 4th outfield job since he can play all over and spell young and cuddyer in lf and rf. My general feeling is its going to come down to gomez and span and right now i give a slight advantage to span but without a lot of confidence in that. I still think for many reasons gomez could use some more time in Rochester but it wouldnt suprise me if he is up here to start the season. The bigger issue with Monroe knicked up a little bit can Pridie beat him out for the 4th outfielder job. Keeping Pridie instead of Monroe would save about 3 million its not about saving money but Monroe should not stay just because he has a bigger name i believe he has to win that spot and he may still but it should be interesting. The Twins travel to st petersburg today to take on the Rays wiht Boof Pitching today should be an interesting afternoon with Span getting the start.