Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday, Febuary 28th

Today was a great day cause today was the first grapefruit league game which means its twins time. Even though the Twins lost the important thing is we are out playing to see who the twins are going to bring up north with them. there are so many battles going on but its way to early to be concerned about any player or players. I think perkins will come around im not worried at all about him and im a little worrid about gomez not that he was 0-2 but i hear he looked horrible at the plate. Thats why i say another year at AAA would do him good allow him to grow at his pace. Heck he is only 21 years old and if the reason you want him up here is to justify the santana trade then your doing a diservice to the twins and more importantly to him. Carlos is going to be a phenomenal player just give him some time and you will see the speed, the defense and the hitting that we loved about him and why we wanted him in a santana deal so give him so time and i truly believe the twins and twin fans will be happy in the end.