Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday, March 17th

I hope people are not getting to excited about Francisco Liriano's struggles this spring he will be fine eventually. But from what i have seen and what i have heard he is just not ready to help the major league team yet. I think the best thing for him is go to the minors to start the season and when he can get his velocity up a little bit and throw his slider then bring it up. I think the worst thing the twins could do is bring him up north before he is ready and have him get shelled. His future is limitless so be patient with him and give him some time in the minors.
The question is if you send Liriano to the minors who do you put in his spot in the rotation. The leading contenders are Blackburn and Humber. I would of said Perkins but i think he is going to the bullpen to start the season. Tommorrow should be interesting since Philip Humber is getting a start against the Orioles. He has had good stats against backups so it will be interesting to see how he does against starter players. My personal opinion is he is a better pitcher but until after tommorrow Blackburn is in the lead and it will be a battle to the end of spring.