Friday, April 4, 2008

Liriano is he ready?

A big thing that i have found a lot of discussion about in other websites is whether Francisco Liriano is ready to be in the majors or if the Twins should take their time with him. I am going to give you my opinion and i want some feedback to see if you agree with me or you think the Twins should do something different. My website from now on is going to be more user friendly and not so much just my opinions. I will still state my opinion but i welcome everybody else's opinion too so we can have a good conversation about topics.
Francisco Liriano as pretty much any Twin fan knows had Tommy John surgery about 18 months ago and is trying to get back into pitching shape. He had a visa problem so he was 9 days late for camp. He got himself in pitching shape and started throwing harder and harder. To be honest, his first few starts were not very good but i think he was just getting used to pitching again. However, his last couple starts were Liriano of old and put himself back into the talking to go North with the team. Gardy decided he wasn't ready and sent him to Fort Myers for a start and Rochester for a start. The real question should be why what did he do in those starts in Spring Training to deserve a demotion to the minor leagues. Seems like everytime i hear Gardy say anything about Liriano it is negative and that gets underneath my skin a little because the guy is working his butt off to get back and your manager calls you fat and says your not ready when he had a better spring than half the pitchers that made it. Thats fine if he is not ready to hand him a spot in the rotation. The thing that irritated me was yesterday when Kevin Slowey strained his bicep that will make him miss atleast 1 start and the thought of bringing Liriano now was brought up and he went off. Saying he is not part of any plans when it comes to Slowey and that he is not ready and that he will have to make 2 starts atleast. It just seems to me like the logical thing to do was bring him up and put Slowey on the DL and if Blackburn keeps it up send Slowey to Rochester and if Blackburn is faltering send Blackburn to Rochester. But instead Gardy dismissed that thought almost like he has it out for Liriano. Granted it Looks like Liriano was not in the best shape he could be when he reported for spring training, but come on he is the future of this organization and he should be treated with the respect he deserves.
Everyone im really curious what you think about that whole deal any feedback would be appreciated.

Revamping the Website

i want to know what you guys want on the website so im asking you in the comments box to give me some ideas that you would like to see on this website and see how that goes. Thanks for the people that look at my website and tell your friends because its going to be a much better website from now on.