Friday, July 24, 2009

Slowey out for year?

The Twins got awful news today when Kevin Slowey was unable to play catch in anticipation of his scheduled start tommorrow night with Rochester. According, to Lavelle Slowey has been shut down and sent back to Minnesota for more tests. It was revealed that Slowey has bone chips in his wrist that is causing him the problems and they were waiting until after the year to have them removed. The reason they were going to wait until after the season was because the usual recovery of something like this is 6-8 weeks just to recover and then you would need time to get the arm strength back up so if he has to have surgery he will likely have to be out for the year. Where that affects the Twins in trade talks is before the setback on Slowey the Twins were considering trading a starter to pick up a middle infielder and a reliever. That probably won't happen now and with Glen Perkins struggling so much the Twins probably don't have the starting pitching to contend. Therefore, the question has to be asked maybe we should not be a buyer and giving up quality prospects for the short term. Maybe we should hang onto our prospects and build for 2010 which means seeing if there is a market for Joe Crede, Jesse Crain, Delmon Young to possibly get young players that can help the Twins out next year. I personally would not trade those guys, but I also probably would not trade any of our quality prospects when there are so many leaks that the Twins probably wouldn't make the playoffs anyway. What I would do is go with what we got and when we fall out of contention give guys like Anthony Slama, Rob Delaney, Juan Morillo, Danny Valencia, Steve Tolleson, and Trevor Plouffe some playing time and see how they can do. I don't like to give up on a season, but Slowey has been such a good pitcher for the Twins this year that losing him hurts alot. What do you all think