Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Twins prospect list: 30-26

I will be continuing my look at the top 50 prospects in the Twins organization. Today, I will look at prospects 30-26 as I work my way down all the way to number one. I hope all enjoy and it will create a discussion if you agree with me or disagree with me. Check out my previous lists of 50-46, 45-41, 40-36, and 35-31. If you have any comments or questions you can either leave a comment in the comment box or email me at Hope you all enjoy and have a great day.
  • 30. Brian Dinkelman 2b/of (11/10/1983) 26

2009 stats: .296 avg 8 hr 65 rbi's in 129 games. Also had 38 doubles and 2 triples in 459 at bats. Walked 55 times while striking out 73 times. Had a .383/.440/.824 split.

2009 teams: New Britain Rockcats

  • Brian Dinkelman had a phenomenal 2009 season for the Rockcats and got himself back on the map as a prospect. His struggles at New Britain to end the 2008 season left many myself including wondering if that was going to be the end of the road for the hard working 2nd baseman out of Centralia, Illinois. He proved us all wrong by coming out and having probably the best season of anyone in the organization at 2nd base. He hit for average as he was hovering a little above or a little below .300 all season long. He showed that he has gap power by pounding out 48 xtra base hits including a team high 38 doubles which including Mr. double himself Erik Lis. He also showed his versatility as he played a lot of left field when the team promoted Steve Singelton to AA. He plays a very steady 2nd base as he does not have the range of other 2nd basemen, but when the ball is hit to him and he can get to it he more often than not makes the play. The biggest reason he is not a lot higher on this list is his age because that is the only thing in my mind that is holding him back. At 26 years old when 2010 begins he is behind the eight ball so to speak as most teams look at his age and then move past him. I think that is a mistake because he is a very good player and he will move up to AAA this year and if he can make his debut in 2010 he still has 5-6 years of his prime that he could give the Twins. I definately am high on him and feel the Twins were very fortunate that he was not taken in the Rule V draft a few weeks ago because he is very talented and I feel still has a bright future.
  • 2010 projection: Play left field and 2nd base at Rochester
  • Estimated Time of Arrival: 2011

  • 29. Josmil Pinto C/DH (3/31/1989) 20

2009 stats: .332 avg 13 hr 55 rbi in 53 games. Also had 14 doubles and 2 triples in 205 at bats. Walked 19 times while striking out 39 times. Had a .387/.610/.997 split.

2009 teams: Elizabethton Twins

  • Josmil Pinto was signed by the Twins as a free agent out of Venezuela in 2007. In 2009 Pinto put quite an offensive season together at E-town as he hit .332 with 13 homeruns and 55 rbi's in onl 53 games. That homerun total was very impressive as he connected for a homerun 1 out of every 15 times he comes up. His 55 rbi's meant that he averaged an rbi a game for the entire season. His .387/.610/.997 stat line was out of this world as he had 29 xtra base hits on the season. I know I know a person should not get to excited about someone's stats until they get to a full season team, but man that year was pretty impressive and makes you take notice of the promise he has offensively. The only thing I can find wrong with him is his defense. He is a catcher, but not a very good one as he made only 24 starts at catcher and the rest of the games were as a designated hitter. That is likely where he is going to stay as he moves up because defensively he just is not strong enough to trust out there. However, just because he can't catch doesn't mean he doesn't have a great future because he does as long as he continues to hit like this he will find his way into the lineup. He should continue to improve offensively and will continue to move through the sytem and up prospect charts.
  • 2010 projection: Serve as DH for Beloit
  • Estimated time of Arrival: 2015

  • 28. Anthony Slama RP (1/6/1984) 25

2009 stats: 4-4 2.67 era in 62 games including 29 saves. Worked 81 innings while walking 40 batters and struck out 112. Most impressive was he held opponents to a .203 average.

2009 teams: New Britain Rockcats and Rochester Red Wings

  • Anthony Slama followed up his great 2008 with an even better 2009 season for the Twins. His 2.67 era was very good and led the organization in saves for the 2nd straight year with 29. Slama started the season back in New Britain where he went 4-2 with a 2.48 era in 51 games with 25 saves. He worked 65.1 innings and walked 32 while striking out an incredible 93 batters. That led to a late season promotion up to Rochester where he did pretty well also. Slama went 0-2 with a very respectable 3.45 era in 11 games along with 4 saves for the Red Wings. He worked 15.2 innings while walking 8 and striking out 19 batters. Anthony Slama does not have a 99 mile per hour fastball, but his low 90's fastball has good movement and with a plus breaking pitch he is able to get a lot of swings and misses. In his career he has 271 strikeouts in just over 183 innings which equals out to just over 10 strikeouts per 9 innings which is very good. There are two issues that make you question how good is he going to be. They are first his walk total as this year he walked 40 batters in 81 innings which is over 4 walks per 9 innings and that is not bad for a starting pitcher, but for a reliever that is way to many. He has good stuff so I believe he can correct that because that is something he is going to have to correct if he wants to make it and stay at the major leagues because the Twins won't put up with a lot of walks. The second thing going against him is his age as he will be 26 when the season starts and he is not even in the majors yet. It is not terrible because he is at AAA and very well could make the Twins out of spring training this year and more than likely will be the first pitcher called up if there is a need in the bullpen early in the season. Overall, Anthony Slama has put himself in position where a lot of minor league pitchers want to be and that is knocking on the major league door and if he can limit his walks early in the season he might just knock it in.
  • 2010 projection: start season in Rochester and then get called up to the Twins
  • Estimated Time of Arrival: 2010

  • 27. Mike Mccardell P (4/13/1985) 24

2009 stats: 14-8 3.98 era in 26 starts including 1 complete game. Worked 142.1 innings and walked 32 while striking out 118. Held opponents to a .247 average.

2009 teams: Fort Myers Miracle and New Britain Rockcats

  • After struggling a little bit in 2008 dealing with injuries and inconsistancy Mike Mccardell really stepped up in 2009. Being a college guy there was some doubt if he had much of a future in the Twins organization and those questions were answered in 2009. Mike started and spent most of the season in the Fort Myers rotation and did very well. Mccardell went 9-6 with a 3.93 era in 17 starts with the Miracle. He worked 96 innings and walked 16 and struck out 76 batters. Being one of the most consistant pitchers on the staff earned Mike a late season callup to New Britain and he responded to that challenge as well. In 9 starts for the Rockcats Mccardell went 5-2 with a 4.10 era in 48.1 innings of work. He walked 16 while striking out 40. At the end of the season Mccardell was the top pitcher on the New Britain staff and was the ace going into the playoffs for the Rockcats. Mike showed that he just knows how to get batters out with a good fastball and a nice breaking pitch. His pinpoint control was the thing that really stood out to me in that he only 32 in 148 innings of work. He will also get his fair share of strikeouts as he had 118 k's on the season. The big thing for Mike is just keep improving and work on being a better pitcher every time out because the talent is there he just has to continue getting better. The only thing that concerns me is his age as a college player he will be 25 in April and only at AA. That is something he is going to overcome because unless you know something I don't know that age thing doesn't go backwards. However, if he keeps getting better it won't matter how old he is because good pitchers are good pitchers no matter how old they are and if he can be in the bigs by 27 he can have a nice long career with the Twins.
  • 2010 projection: Spend first half starting at New Britain and get promotion to Rochester
  • Estimated Time of Arrival: 2012

  • 26. Bobby Lanigan P (5/5/1987) 22

2009 stats: 11-7 4.54 era in 29 games including 24 starts and 1 complete game. Worked 138.2 innings while walking 33 and striking out 116. Held opponents to a .272 average.

2009 teams: Beloit Snappers and Fort Myers Miracle

  • Bobby Lanigan was a 3rd round draft pick in the 2008 draft out of Adelphi College. Bobby started out the 2009 season in Beloit where he went 10-7 with a 4.52 era in 22 starts. He worked 123.1 innings while walking 29 and striking out 120. Lanigan was rewarded with a late season promotion to Fort Myers and went 1-0 with a 4.70 era in 7 games including 2 starts for the Miracle. I thought Bobby Lanigan had an alright 2009 season, but not what I expected out him. You are wondering why I have him so high with those numbers and the reason is very simple his upside is very high. There are some guys that get all they can squeeze out of their talent and there are guys like Bobby Lanigan who can be just about as good as anyone in the organization if he works for it. He has all the tools you look for in a top prospect as he has a good low 90's fastball and good breaking pitches. He doesn't walk many and strikes out plenty. He pitches to contact, but can also strikeout a guy when he really needs to do that. I really feel he is a better pitcher than a 4.54 era would show. 2010 is a big year for Lanigan because if he puts up similiar numbers in 2010 his star will start to be darkened. However, if he pitches in 2010 like I really believe he is capable of he will skyrocket up prospect charts and be dang near the top 10 a year from now. It is all up to Bobby Lanigan to find out how bad he really wants it because truly it is all up to him where his career goes from here.
  • 2010 projection: Begin season in Fort Myers and then join New Britain in 2nd half
  • Estimated Time of arrival: 2013