Sunday, March 15, 2009

Prospects 11-20

I am going to do my prospects 11-20 today and for review I will list my 1-10 for review.

1. Aaron Hicks- He has all the tools that you look for in a prospect. He truly is a 5 tool prospect and with a little seasoning will be patrolling an outfield spot for the twins by 2012.2009 outlook: Centerfielder for Elizabethton

2. Ben Revere- It was a close one between Hicks and Revere for that top spot. Ben Revere is the most accomplished hitter in the whole twins organization. He reminds me of a young Kenny Lofton. His only real weakness is he does not have a very strong throwing arm and that could hold him back a bit. If it was up to me i would move him to 2nd base where you could appreciate his hitting skills and not have to worry about his throwing arm.2009 outlook: Centerfielder for Fort Myers

3. Wilson Ramos- Every year Ramos seems to be getting better and better. He calls a great game with a good arm along with being a good hitter with some power. His only problem is Joe Mauer blocking his way to the majors. However, just like with all good players the Twins will find a place for him to get his bat in the lineup. I am very high on him and think he will be the DH in 2 to 3 years and be a very good hitter for years to come.2009 outlook: Starting catcher at New Britain

4. Danny Valencia- Danny really came on last year to catch the eye of many scouts. He is now the 3rd baseman of the future and the future could happen as early as September if not sooner. He is a very accomplished hitter who will hit for some power with a very good glove. I think the Twins search for a 3rd baseman since Gary Gaetti has ended and Danny Valencia will be the 3rd Baseman when Target Field opens and beyond.2009 outlook: Start the season in New Britain and get a promotion in May to Rochester and will be one of the September callups for the Twins.

5. Angel Morales- I am very excited about Morales I think he has the biggest upside of anybody in the organization. I think he will be the centerfielder for the Twins in 2012. He is another 5 tool player much like Hicks but with more power as evidenced by his 17 homeruns in Elizabethton last year. The only thing about him is he is so young you don't know how he is going to develop and how long he will take but he is definatley someone to keep your eye on because I believe he will be a keeper.2009 outlook: Centerfielder for Beloit

6. Deolis Guerra- I know a lot of people have soured on him because of last year, but I still expect big things out of him. You need to remember he is one of the youngest players on Fort Myers and the Mets pushed him to much and screwed up his mechanics. I would rather take a step back like he did last year and fix his mechanics then have him go the same way and break down in a couple years. I expect him to be the comeback kid in the organization this year. I think you will see why we wanted him so bad in the Santana trade and will find out why people think he will be the ace of the staff in a couple years2009 outlook: I think he will start out in Fort Myers and get a callup to New Britain at the all star break.

7. Kevin Mulvey- I think Kevin is a very solid prospect who doesn't get the due he deserves. He is as steady as they come and last year was about as consistant a starter as the Red Wings had. He reminds me of a young Kevin Tapani and he will be the first pitcher called up in case of injury and won't dissapoint.2009 outlook: Will be the Ace for Rochester and sometime during the year will join the Twins.

8. Carlos Gutierrez- I am pretty high on Carlos as a pitcher. With his sinkerball I think in a year he will have hitters pounding the ball into the ground at Target Field. The only thing about him is he better as a Starter or as a reliever. I believe you could go either way and it would not be a problem but i like him more as a starter because their is more value there. Either way I think Twins Fans will know him very soon.2009 outlook: Start the season in Fort Myers and get called up to New Britain at the all star break.

9. Shooter Hunt- I think Shooter could be very good for the Twins. He has dominant stuff when he has everything going. The only problem is his control because in the Twins organization if you walk people you won't be with us long. However, I do think he will get that under control and don't fool yourself when he doesn't walk batters he is one of the most dominant pitchers in the whole organization.2009 outlook: Starter for Beloit10.

Jeff Manship- I really like what he does as a pitcher. I think all he needs as innings to show how good of a pitcher he is. He adjusts well when given new challenges. Like when he got promoted to AA he struggled right away and then he adjusted and did very well. He has 3 very good pitches and I think he has a future with the Twins.2009 outlook: Start the season in New Britain and finish the season in Rochester.

11. Trevor Plouffe- He is someone that needs to take the next step in the organization. He is starting to be looked at as the dreaded utility infielder instead of the shortstop of the future. He had an up and down year between New Britain and Rochester. He needs to step it up this season as the everyday shortstop for Rochester. If not we need to look outside the organization because we don't have a lot of quality shortstops in the organization. 2009 outlook: Starting shortstop for Rochester.

12. Dustin Martin- He has really raised eyebrows after a good season in the AFL he has put together a very good spring. Honestly, he plays the wrong position because as good as he is he is blocked ahead and their are better players coming from the back. However, if something were to happen to an outfielder this year I think he would get the first callup. 2009: Start in Left Field for Rochester and be up with the Twins sometime during the year.

13. Chris Parmalee- I am pretty high on him because he has something not a lot of prospects have and that is power. I don't think he will ever be a .300 hitter but he will hit homeruns and that is what makes him special and will allow him to continue to rise in the organization. 2009: I think he will play the season in Fort Myers playing first base and some outfield.

14. Luke Hughes- He really showed me something by showing a power swing. I don't think his defense is good enough to be an everyday player, but I think by the end of this year he will be with the Twins.
2009: Start at 3rd base for Rochester then get callup to Twins in June.

15. Rene Tosoni- He is a very talented outfielder and if he wouldnt of gotten hurt he would of put up pretty impressive numbers. 2009: Start season playing right field for Fort Myers get midseason promotion to New Britain.

16. Anthony Swarzak- He really struggled last year at New Britain and then in August he got promoted to Rochester and took off. In 7 starts for Rochester he went 5-0 with a 1.80 era. After going 3-8 with a 5.67 era in AA. My only excuse for him is maybe he needed a new challenge. If he can continue what he did last year this year he might challenge for a roster spot with the Twins.
2009: Start all year for Rochester

17. Tyler Robertson- I don't know what to make out of Tyler he has Ace stuff but he can't seem to stay healthy. Last year for Fort Myers he went 5-3 with a 2.72era. If he could of stayed healthy he would of put up good numbers. The key is if he stays healthy he could take off in the organization.
2009: First half in Fort Myers and then promotion to New Britain.

18. Joe Benson- He is another one who has alot of talent but just cant seem to stay healthy. Last year in Beloit he hit only .248 but had 17 stolen bases. He has all the talent but he needs to put it together.
2009: Center Field for Beloit

19. Deibinson Romero- Another guy that needs to rebound from an injury riddled season to try to be the prospect he can be. He needs to reclaim his high prospect status.
2009: Start at 3b in Beloit

20. Mike Mccardell- He really came on after coming off the disabled list to be the Ace for Beloit. I think he will keep climbing and climbing charts for the Twins.
2009: Starter for Fort Myers